the set up

the set up, originally uploaded by ekissam.

ok, seriously. we got the idea from this: http://xkcd.com/249/
(go there now :)
and this: http://xkcd.com/chesscoaster/
(ok, go there too)
we wanted to attempt it. and we knew from being in disneyland, that they take a picture on space mountain. we even knew approximately where and when. we formulated plans, where to procure chess pieces and glue. do we do a whole set?- eh, too many pieces, maybe just the two kings fighting it out. maybe we can make the whole thing from paper? that would fold seriously flat and wouldn't be difficult to carry around all day.
then we opted for something similar. dan would string playing cards together and it would look like a floating card trick. i could easily set up a cats cradle with some shoe laces. so we made a quick stop at walgreens before driving to disneyworld.
we planned to take turns for the camera, taking the ride a couple of times, even planning a dry run to figure out where the camera was etc.

this is the only picture that exists. and i didn't even get a shot of him holding it up. it looked good.

space mountain in florida is sadly different from california. no red hot chili peppers, no flashing crazy lights, no double seats, and no picture. dan held the cards and i held a 'pondering' look nearly the entire ride. . . err. dammit.

florida also doesn't have the holiday 'nightmare before christmas' haunted house.

guess we'll have to make due. . . in the happiest place in the world. . .

for the record, it would've looked really cool.

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