i’ve been doing this pub quiz for a while, and when my team wins we have to supply the questions. here is one of the quizzes i wrote up. how well do you know these towers?




lp.toiletries, originally uploaded by ekissam.

apparently there is no end to what the little prince can sell.. . . or why i would buy with the little prince on it.


totos, originally uploaded by ekissam.

is this not completely precious? a dog sitting outside the door to toto's cafe.


exorcist.coffee, originally uploaded by ekissam.

i wish i liked coffee. . . because i want to know if they have themed coffee flavors!


seorae.1, originally uploaded by ekissam.

a couple of weekends ago a couple of us checked out seorae village in seocho- a small french enclave in seoul.
you know you're in the village proper when you look down and the sidewalk has changed to the colors of the french flag.


seorae.2, originally uploaded by ekissam.

the area is packed with places for brunch, wine shops with cheese, and cute cafes. . . . it's centered around a french school that populated the area.


seorea.3, originally uploaded by ekissam.

after buying wine and cheese and bread in little france. . . . why not some nutella gelato?


new.maps, originally uploaded by ekissam.

a new feature at many train stops in seoul. . it's like a giant iphone. sort of a google map of that train stop area.


misdirection.bar, originally uploaded by ekissam.

in jungang there's a transgender bar that had caught our attention- close to the bar we attend for quiz. (the transgender bar sign isn't yet lit -directly above the Misdirection sign)

we wondered, is Misdirection the name of the transgender bar? how great would that be?!

is Misdirection the name of another bar on the same floor as the transgender bar. . . with a coincidentally appropriate name? how great would that be?!

well, we had to find out!


transgender.bar, originally uploaded by ekissam.

the transgender bar entrance. . . separate, but across the hall from. . .


m.bar, originally uploaded by ekissam.

the M (misdirection) bar entrance


flyingpan.lights, originally uploaded by ekissam.

one of my new favorite places to eat in itaewon has fun lighting fixtures.


paper.cut, originally uploaded by ekissam.

took a trip to the Seoul Arts Center- a place i should check out more often. i was looking into an impressionist exhibit (monet - picasso). . . yet this was the most interesting thing i saw in a quad outside.