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while grabbing lunch in 'france' at epcot, we think we caught a scam in action. i don't think i've seen dan so outwardly angry in a long time. this woman, with a kid, a husband, and an elderly woman in a wheelchair was attempting to pay for their lunches. her card was declined. suddenly she had a problem with a mayo packet that she stepped on and squirted on her shorts. well don't you know she was now going to lose a day in the park because she needed to go all the way back to her hotel to change all because someone didn't clean up after themselves, and that was the restaurant's fault.

blah blah blah

err, we were held up in line for an extra thirty minutes, we only wanted to pay for our food and eat. after we got through and were eating outside, dan waited for the woman to come through. in his words, when i asked if she had emerged yet, 'have i been thrown out of the park for assaulting someone yet?'- as i predicted, we never saw her.

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