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in a spot where the insulation has been pushed back, way back in the 10th cove of the santa fe opera, our mascot owl couple have made a little 'nest.' here are two baby owls huddled together, and an egg that we don't think will hatch. . . aren't they sweet? ps. . . always best to visit when mama owl isn't around. :)


sprint complaint

a number of you have heard my complaints with sprint. i sent them several emails to let them know of my displeasure. i haven't heard back. . . so, i have tried again. here are the complaints i sent.

part 1. i have attempted to email this complaint three times already and haven't heard back, which leads me to believe that there is a problem with the site. which is complaint #1. i haven't been able to trust the amount on my invoice as it is listed online. when i made a payment last month it didn't show, and as aforementioned, my prior attempts at emails haven't seemed to work. complaint #2 your payment options need to be revisited, i feel. i don't like punching in my credit card information through the phone system, because shortly after doing that once, my credit card numbers were stolen. it has made me leary of using that system. in an attempt to do an over the phone check with one of your representatives, my wonderful sprint service within my own apartment cut out and the transaction was not completed, however, trying to do another one was futile since one cannot attempt to pay by check more than once in a two week period. i cannot use my ATM card to pay over the phone since i use a PO Box address-which is problematic to your system, even though it is the exact same address used by both Sprint as well as my banking institution.

(this had to be split into separate parts because the little 'contact us' area doesn't allow lengthy entries.)

part 2- compaint #3 when i attempted to make a payment last month i was told that i was 'significatly under my spending limit.' which i thought to be true according to my balance. i noted to your representative that my phone service had been turned off before while still under this limit, and she assured me that my service wouldn't be turned off. i planned to pay the balance off at a radio shack later that weekend. -my service was shut off on sunday, and i spent hours waiting for it to be returned after conceeding to use my ATM card through the automatic bill pay. complaint #4 the apologies DO NOT HELP. the phone representatives are not personally at fault. i feel in my conversations with them, i have been firm but polite, even though i get aggrivated explaining how something won't work because i seem to know more than they do about it. instead of, 'sorry about the inconvenience,' i'd like to hear, 'wow, i see how this has inconvenienced you, ma'am. for your troubles with our service we will take a percentage off of your next bill.' that would be of ACTUAL help.

(if i don't hear back again, i may have to resort to actual letter writing and stamps. expect more to come on this wonderful subject. anyone else got anything of similarity to bitch about, perhaps i will include it in the upcoming rant)

cat cup 1

cat cup 1
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i received a random and cute gift package from my parents which included this mug. (the cheshire cat thing started in 6th grade when i played the infamous cat in a class musical. . . and then it turned out to be a fitting handle for my email address. . . i've been told on many occasions that i have a 'grin like the cat that swallowed the canary'. . . which also reminds me of the wonderful bugger.)

cat cup 2

cat cup 2
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and here is cheshire disappearing after hot water is added. . . . all except the mischievous grin!


since i was sick

have i told you about my 'c' diet? since i was knocked down with the flu my taste buds and my appetite have suffered. . a bit. for some reason, though it has let up a little in recent days, i've only been really hungry for foods beginning with the letter 'c'. and even more peculiar, foods beginning with 'ch' and 'cr'. this has included cream cheese ( i like to mix it with soy sauce, it makes a great dip for veggies and crackers), crackers, chocolate (mostly in ice cream and brownie form), chicken (especially when stuffed inside a sopaipilla and covered with sloppy green chile), carrots, celery, green chile stew (ok, a bit of a stretch there), cheese, and chili.

bizarre, eh?


irksome commercials

ok. . . i complain about commercials a lot. . . like that tooth brush, or toothpaste commercial in the airport, where the girl sneaks away to brush up in an attempt to catch the eye of some hottie. in the middle of brushing her teeth it appears that there is a shower across her face. this is not how i brush my teeth, in fact, i'm usually trying to contain all cleaning within my mouth. instead of spraying water all over my face, i simply slurp some water up from my hand and swish it around, then spit it out. or that new 'quiet car' commercial, with the car under the waterfall. the woman inside cannot hear the water. . the car is just that silent! but then, we have her appearing in a shower, mimicking the car. . .i guess? ok. . . we get it, girls in showers sells, but at least be trying to push soap, or shampoo!

oh, but onto the actual commercials the freak me out. what's with the talking baby commercials. the annoying CGI mouthed kid with the sandwiches and the 52 year old scotch and cigarettes voice. lame. call me crazy, but i'm not enticed for any one of their sandwiches. then there's the talking sonogram. i think, perhaps, this was found unpopular overall, because i haven't seen it in normal circulation. i don't remember for sure which fast food company this disturbing display of advertising is working for, but a verbalizing fetus doesn't make me hungry. as he complains about the spicy food and tugs on the umbilical cord, i twinge and think, 'pile on the peppers mama!'

note to advertisers, steer clear of the talking babies, especially when dealing with food.


oh joyous morning

the musical buffy is on right now. . . . how excellent! . . . "it's getting eerie, what's this cheery singing all about?"

from maid of honor to best man

earlier this week i got some terrific news. dan (closest friend from highschool) is getting married. since he mentioned the possibility of him and mike getting married about a year ago i have had fantasies of being his best man. something about it seems so fun to me. granted, they have very little planned, and i asked whether or not he had a best man. he said no, so i jumped up and yelled (on the phone) 'ooh, ooh, can i be your best man?!' he seemed fine with it, and he even said the thought had crossed his mind, but he wasn't sure if i'd be able to make it out for the ceremony. . .. you bet i am now! do you think it would be too weird for me to get one of those cheesy 'best man' t-shirts to wear around? on top of it all, he became an uncle for the second time.

it seems, so far, like both these weddings are going to be not quite traditional. . . i think there will be a dress in the future. definitely for the maid of honor one, and i'm not sure about the best man one. . . . to be totally honest, it could all go in any direction, but i thought i might try a dress. . . eh. . . we'll see.

anyway, another good thing i just found out about saturdays. . . gilmore girls saturday. back to tv.


adding salt, iodine, lemon juice, and maybe even some tabasco to a wound

i got my phone service back at 4:22pm. the movie i wanted to see started at 4:30. there was no time to get ready, leave, and call everyone to get there in time. DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM! so now, i make plans for 7:30 movie. . .which will run later than i like. . . . i still have th cooking and laundry to do in the evening, my bedtime will be later, but i did sleep in today. . . . perhaps it will balance.

however, there will need to be a significant shift in my current mood to balance out this frustration. maybe seeing a ton of terrible violence this evening will be just what the doctor ordered. i can sit there and imagine everyone in pain with a small Sprint logo on the chest of the shirt. there better be a LOT of blood. i have little doubt that my expectations will not be met. muhahahahahaha!

something different

i went out for drinks with my friends/ coworker katy on friday. by the end of the evening i had accepted a new position in my life. . . that as maid of honor for her wedding. it should be an interesting new endeavor for me. i'm already imagining me trying to plan a bridal shower during our busy season. . . .mmmmm. i figure something will work out. and she's looking to have a really fun and simple kind of occasion. honestly, probably the hardest thing for me will be finding and wearing a dress that i actually like. . .

oh, she is also rather unknowing about all the silly goings on of weddings, and it's been a while since i've been a part of a traditional wedding, so if anyone has pointers, i'm willing to listen. jen's wedding last summer was the closest i have since childhood. .. . so i was reminded of silly table games, oh, and lame dj's. . . . but what about all those funky traditions? not that i think katy will do too many of them, but it's good to have a list to pick and choose from i suppose.

other than that, mmm.. . .. i had a headache so bad last night that my head today actually feels bruised and tender to the touch. . .. yippee. i honestly don't even know if it had anything to do with all this sinus/ allergy crap. which, i am TOTALLY sick of. perhaps someone should look into creating hepa filters for our nostrils. . . .

oh, and a whole new frustration with sprint this morning. . . mmmmm, spring and sprint are only one letter off? what DOES that mean? yep, they shut off my service again, and i am now waiting for it to be turned back on. i was told two days ago that it wouldn't be turned off because i was significantly, yes, she said SIGNIFICANTLY under my spending limit. turns out both she and another operator were wrong, so my service is off right now, just as i'm wanting to make my sundays family calls, and calls to people about seeing sin city in under an HOUR! GODDAMMIT! so i've spent a decent amount of time talking to sprint servive people, about how i don't like to punch my atm numbers into my phone, because shortly after doing that last time, the numbers were stolen. . . . . i can't make the same payment with a service representative, because their system won't recognize PO Box addresses. . . . and when i went to do the payment by check, my WONDERFUL service faded. . . so i went to do the check again over the phone, but you can not attempt a phone check payment more that once every 2 weeks. . . . so i said, 'hey, i can go to a radio shack to do this right?' so, that was on my list for things to do this afternoon. . . .HA! too late erika, what WAS i thinking? so i made the payment exactly how i was trying to avoid doing it, so now you can all wish me luck and hope that some hacker out there wasn't paying attention. . . .

hey look. . . i'm bitching. my cramps were REALLY bad this morning too. . . . but they've subsided. . . . my hair is still pretty cute, and boy would i love to call some friends to have them meet me for a movie. . . . . but NO!

i did get out and saw the aspen santa fe ballet yesterday. we were given a chance to collect some comp tickets on it, but i didn't know anyone else who would want to go. low and behold, as i walked in, there were three other opera employees. . . the show was decent. . . there was one FANTASTIC piece choreographed by the choreographer from MOMIX (a really great modern dance group). the whole piece was two people, in complete silver body suits, on skis. the skis were weighted so they could lean all crazy like and not fall over. they undulated all over and the music was wonderfully suited. . . . real techno-y. the way they moved it looked some some form of extreme stretching and bending, i thought that as a dancer the piece probably felt great on the body, all expect for that pressure put on their lower legs to keep them from falling out of the ski shoes. . . ahhh. . . i loves the gimmicky dance stuff!

ok . . . now i must find ways of distracting myself while i wait for restored phone service. hope y'all have a nice day. maybe, just maybe, i'll get a chance to call you soon.


nostalgic bitching

well, there was some small frustrations at work yesterday, and i had the urge to totally bitch about it. . . but then i realized that even in comparison to the rest of my life. .. . it wasn't worth bitching about. ahh, the days of hanging out with my friends after work and bitching for a couple of hours in order to purge it all from my system, they don't quite exist as they used to. the summer will bring a few more things to really bitch about, but until then, i still have this need to gripe for a bit. . . perhaps it's my menstrual cycle. . . so, to make myself feel better, i've decided to bitch about something that deserves it. . . from my days at grad school.

it was my last year at grad school. i was asked to hold a seminar on soldering. . . yeah, i'm pretty good at it, not all the detailed electronic type soldering but just simple electrical type soldering. like i didn't have enough to do in that last semester. . . finish my thesis, teach two classes, take four classes, design most of a dance concert and watch over two other designers for the same concert, watch over the lights for a second dance concert. . .and well, i'm sure there was a lot more going on.

so it was later in the semester, and i decided to really put this thing together. i had to make sure on a place and time to hold it and make sure we wouldn't be in the way. in the middle of this process, my advisor (you know, the person i should be looking up to for an example of how to be in the professional world) came to yell at me about if i was going to include her in this whole process. (she liked to yell, A LOT. . . perhaps i'll spend some more time explaining all that when i feel the need) so i explained that i wanted to secure a handful of times and places to choose from before i solidified it, and that way i would have choices for the students in order to get the largest turn out. after going to my class and figuring out when the kids who were interested could show up, i let my advisor know. she then complained that that time was no good for her students. . . so i gave her a choice of the other times i could hold a special seminar for her students. i then had two seminars planned.

my students came over a weekend. we spent the afternoon soldering different wires together, and making complete circuits and testing them. it was great, the kids had a lot of fun. so, i then had my second seminar for my advisor's students. now. . . . guess how many of them showed up, after having to set it up for a completely different day that fit her students' schedules. . . ONE, that's right, ONE! this particular kid already had dabbled in soldering, and all he needed was an idea of different techniques to use to perfect what he was doing. his hands shook quite a bit, and i taught him a few ways to hold everything steady. . . it was productive, but i had this one fabulous moment within the whole thing. . .

i'm not so sure this is really bitching. . . well, i guess you can judge for yourself.

our school's technical director walked through with another student. (the technical director liked to give me a hard time, and not in the fun, playful way. you see, when my advisor is having problems with a student, the technical director and several other staff and professors liked to follow) so, the student that was with him had wanted to be in the seminar. he walked by several times with a pouty look on his face. i apologized that he couldn't work with us and tried to jokingly rib with the technical director about letting him out of his work to let him learn soldering. the tech director then came over and said, 'well, i don't know if would feel comfortable teaching soldering if i were you. are you teaching them about sublimation?'

to which i replied, with a half cocked head, 'you mean the process by which some materials when heated go directly from solid to gaseous state?' (thank god i was paying attention during some of my science classes in highschool!)

he says, 'no, sub-lim-ation.'

and the kid who was soldering with me, a rather smart one, says. . . 'yeah, that actually means when a material goes from solid to gas bypassing the liquid state, like dry ice.'

the tech director stood there and stared at me for a bit, 'well, you know like when things suck up the solder as they are heated.'

me: 'well, i wasn't using scientific terms for it. . . . but if i had to, i guess i would describe it as capillary action. . . kind of.' and we went back to our lesson. god. . . what a dick.

mmm. . . maybe i should write a grad day memoirs. . . i should've written it while it was happening, as my mom always said. . . alas, i guess only the most prominent moments will stick out when i get a chance. later for that. . . .

spikey buggers

so, i made two trips into albuquerque this week for work. . . and the weather was slightly stormy. . . little bits of rain, little bits of snow, but a lot of wind. while tootling along and listening to America, the Audiobook! . . . i hit something like twelve or fifteen of them. spiney, scurrying little critters. damn tumbleweeds! they were everywhere, some of them really small, and some of them rather large and flush with whatever sort of dry branch material that makes them up. they were fun to watch exploding into splinters under the wheels of cars in front of me. . . but i also hit a good number of them myself.