ahhh saturday. spent part of the morning reading. . . stayed up late the night before watching movies. . . let's see, what did we get through yesterday. . . yojimbo (another akira kurosawa), mystery men, and dirty ho. . . which may sound like a sick pron flick, and possibly there is a porn flick with this name-i wouldn't know- but this is a $2 gem that jared and i found at hastings. . . there was this bin of old kung fu movies, and well, i'd be lying if i said that the name wasn't the major reason i bought it. . . but as it turned out, it's a great little kung fu movie--and dan enjoyed it immensely. i got dan to sit through that and mystery men while i played with my new computer toy. . . with big thanks to my bro who brought it with him. . . a cd burner! yahoo!
----for yojimbo i had to shut down the computer in order to keep my attention on the movie. . . which was very good.

but i spent several hours last night converting some songs to mp3's. . . and copying my picture files. . . oh what digital fun! eventually, the plan is to copy all my music to mp3 discs and contain my entire music collection on about 20 discs. . . so if i plan to go anywhere for an extended period of time, and am left with little space to carry things. . . i can have all my music in a very compact mode.

i also spent some time contemplating my hair. i've made several changes to my hair in the past few years. . . though i doubt many people have noticed. most recently (the last 2 years) i've stopped blowing my hair dry- which means i'm not trying to fight the curls every morning by attempting to straighten my hair. . . although i keep a hair dryer around -just in case-. . . .i never imagined as a kid that i'd be fighting back curls. as kids, my brother had a head full of cork screw curls that were dark blond. his hair is now a light brown. . . long. . . but still filled with cork screw curls. as a kid i had long dark brown. . . and very straight hair. i remember my babysitter attempting to curl my hair. as she removed the curling rod covers my hair spit out the rods and uncoiled to their straight positions.

around age 13 my mom decided to allow me to get perms. . . i kept them up for about 3 or 4 years. . . ps, a good tip for someone looking for that spiral perm. . . . don't get the actual 'spiral' perm. . . it turns into a frizzy french poodle look. . . if you want that pretty spiral look, it's all about how your hair dries, i found that putting my head over the heating vent in my room. . . therefore removing gravity from the process, and letting my hair dry from the heat in the vent gave me that really nice head full of curls. but about 4 years into it, i decided i wanted straight hair again. . . i thought it was taking an unusually long time to get rid of the perm. . . all i can attribute it to now is puberty. . .. my hair is now curly.

a few months ago i thought about growing my bangs out. tired of trying to style them, and having them not follow any of my directions. they did start to grow out. . . but not too well, so they are still shorter than the rest of my hair. . . .and i've gotten used to them being a separate set of curls. . .. so i think i was rethinking the growing out of my bangs again. . . as well as trying to longer hair. . . but i don't know if i'll have the patience.

but i digress. . . .

last night, dan and i also walked around the plaza. the area is all lit up and decorated for the season . . i'll post some pictures shortly.

today, after lounging for a while. . . dan and i went out to shidoni, the tesuque foundry. we had impecable timing. . . . as we arrived and walked around the sculpture garden, we discovered that they would be pouring bronze in a few minutes. . .. so we got to watch them pour bronze, at a temperature of 2047 degrees into different molds. it was pretty amazing.
we also watched the glassblowing. as we were sitting there, a millionaire type was receiving what looked like a special tour of the foundry. one guy stood aside explaining every step the glass blowing artist made. . . . at one point i saw him turn in amazement and utter, "glass is made from sand?"

*eyeblink* *eyeblink* *eyeblink*

ahh to be stupid and rich.

so now, dan and i are eating dinner and checking in on email and such at the santa fe baking company. ahhh the joys of free wireless internet! he had a club sandwhich, and i had one of my favorites. . the mandarin chicken salad. . . while typing away laptop back to laptop back. . . someone from a more primitive time, say. . . . the 70's, may have mistook us for playing battleship .

you sunk my battleship!

alas, that was not heard muttered between us. . something more along the line of , "wow, the signal is really great here, check out this flash file!"

all for now, i think. till next time :)

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."if it weren't for the electric glow form the screens.


ok, so thanksgiving has come and gone. . .

my brother, roommate, and myself i think did a rather terrific job. a few recipes from my mother, and a few from jared's as well as a last minute call to jared's mom for a suggestion on the gravy and presto. . . . we had a thanksgiving meal.

jared was the turkey and gravy master, and he made one stuffing. . . i watched intently, i'm not so comfortable with cooking meat just yet. . . but i picked up some nifty ideas. after rubbing the whole turkey down with oil and some spices, jared covered it with a paper bag. . . and it came out completely melt in your mouth juicey.

my brother and i commandeered things like mashed potatoes, candied yams, and stuffing. the cranberry sauce was canned. . . but still really good, and the stuffing was sans chestnuts. . . as per my mom's recipe. dan and i searched santa fe high and low for chestnuts and finally found some that were already cooked, canned, and sitting in water. . . great, all the hard stuff was done, but the taste was lost in the process. . .. that normally sweet nut now just tasted like waterlogged chewy mush. not a good add to the stuffing. . . so we left them out, sadly.

starting at around 9 am. . .. but having to wash, and reallocate different dishes
we made due with the little amount of pots, pans, and serving utensils that we had. . . and came out with a rather incredible meal. .. if i do say so myself. after finishing, i relayed how accomplishing something like this makes me feel like i can actually cook.

not to make light of the hard work that people put into this meal. . but our process was fairly easy and smooth. we just had to think ahead of when things could be reheated or put in the oven after the turkey (which took up nearly the whole oven) we took turns showering while the turkey cooked and even watched the first movie of the day. . . fear and loathing in las vegas. the meal commenced with the two towers-extended version, and dessert was served with drop dead gorgeous, and we had second and third helping to arika kurosawa's dreams.

i never got out of my pajama short and a long sleeve t. . . so i was pretty satisfied with the day.

here's a pic of the final outcome. . .

i hope you all had a good time with family and friends. . . . and again, travel safely to get back to where ever you have to go.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
really quick. . . .

here's another shot from the back deck of the santa fe opera a few weeks ago. . . . pretty amazing


one other thing i wanted to post. . . . but first, or last, note the new quote at the bottom ;o)

so, some other person on a forum posted this picture which i will share with you momentarily.

so far, while working with people in the shop, whenever i have not understood what they are talking about i've asked them if they remember that farside cartoon. . .. this one in fact

i can understand numbers or certain words. . . but not the entire concept of what they refer to. one of the guys is way into hawling and crawling. . . in other words tricked out off road vehicles that can climb mountains and really rough terrain. . . it's pretty neat. .. and we've watched a couple of videos that he brought in.. . . but when he started talking about vehicle modification, my eyes glazed over, and my brain turned into a gelatenous goo between my ears. . .

but i found something new to reference, or in this case, post or hold up when i get that 'i have no clue' feeling. someone else posted it .. . . and i liked it . . and took it.

now i also have a small theory that the pancake is, in fact, not a pancake. . . but a japanese cookie. . . notice, if you look closely, that it appears that there are two thin pancakes. . . well there is a traditional japanese cookie that is made out of stuff that looks like a pancake, but in between its two layers would be something like a sweet red bean paste. . . . not that it really matters. just thought i'd point it out.

so when anyone starts talking about structural engineering near me. . . i have printed out a large version of this picture. . . --though i have yet to mount it on something reinforced and add a stick handle--. . . . anyway, i hold it up. . . and the idea is conveyed.

this morning. . . a couple of people were talking about gunsmoke and other western type tv shows. . . that i have never seen, or really had the inclination to go out of my way to see. . . . without the stick and reinforced back, the picture has ended up in a few piles of paper. . . but i quickly searched it out and held it up. . . .

if nothing else, it tends to get a giggle from people who notice my eyes glaze and a small amount of drool form at the corner of my mouth as i pretend to listen intently. . . but don't understand a bloody word.

have a good one!

This is football we're talking about here, which you call bananas and you're reluctant to play it. But you play baseball, the World Series. You've won every year, America's won every year in that. Well done America.-Eddie Izzard
i'm kind of sleepy this morning. . . my normal night cut-off is 11pm. . . . since i have to be at work at 7am. . . . but since the younger sibling is in town. .. .i stayed up a little later with him and my roommate watching 'animatrix'. . ... which, by the way is far cooler than i expected.

my brother and i also ploughed through princess mononoke. . . .which was also very good. . . and eddie izzard's 'circle'. by the way i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard i love eddie izzard. yeah. . . .

he's had parts in movies such as, velvet goldmine (he was the band's manager i believe), mystery men (he was tony p., one of the disco boys), he was the 'actor' in the movie, shadow of a vampire. . .one of the larger parts i've seen him have. and he's also been in many other things that i have yet to see. . . but i have rented his 'dress to kill' and 'circle' stand up specials. . .. there are others. . . but i can't seem to find them anywhere.

his stand up is based on ideas but mostly improvised. . . . very conversational, and he considers each show a workshop of the jokes. . . which i found out while watching the special the second time with his commentary. its actually rather brilliant. my brother and i also watched the one of the special features which is one of his shows in french. . . . yes, he's brit, born in yemen. . .. but he can pull off his stand up in french almost as well as in english. . .. really amazing. i have to return it, but i need to watch it again. . . with the trivia track running below it, which i'm sure would prove to be both humorous and informational. so i'll probably end up getting it through netflix so i don't have to worry about returning it anytime soon.

oh yeah. . . and he's a transvestite. . .. but as he puts it, an 'executive' transvestite, or 'action' transvestite because he likes to snowboard. but yeah, through his show he wears a fair amount of make-up.. . . . and usually spikey stelletoed heels. what is it about boys in makeup that sometimes make them soooooooo appealing?

and although you haven't noticed the gap in time. . . i just went to my netflix que and added almost all the eddie izzard that i haven't seen. . . . but, they are at the bottom of a fairly long list right now. . . so it will be some time.

other than that, dan and i are gearing up for some cooking tomorrow. for the past two nights we've made rice, bock-choi (sp?), potstickers (or dumplings depending on where you are from), and steamed custard and red bean paste buns. . .. yummmmmmmmmmy! i feel like i've had the best food for the past two nights. . . and now we're gonna cook a thanksgiving meal! we will eat like kings!

i'm gonna try to prepare a couple of korean things for dan. . . .hopefully my memory of them from swon cooking will be intact enough to cook something that doesn't suck. i've already put some kimchee in front of him, and he seemed to like that. . . . so maybe i'll venture for some vegetable pancakes and that pepper/meat/rice cake thingy. . . that i don't know the name of :o)

i hope everyone has some fun cooking and eating and travelling adventures this week and weekend. . . . enjoy yourselves and travel safely. . . and if you get bored, try some 'princess mononoke,' or some 'eddie izzard' . . . . :o)


getting out of love actually. . . .

my brother and i made one more confirmation call to each other last night about what he should being along with him on his visit with me this week. we're attempting a thanksgiving meal together with my roommate. . . and my brother will be hanging out with me for a little over a week.

the phone call started out thusly. . . .

dan: "hey, how are you?"

erika: "well, i just got out of love actually, yeah it wasn't bad."

dan: "wha?"

erika: "i just got out of love actually, and now i'm in the walgreens."

dan: "you got outta where?"

erika: "love actually, . . .the movie. . . .you know british comedy. . . . "

dan: "oooooohhhhhh. . . i thought you meant. . .. "

and well you can probably extrapolate from there. . . . i wonder if the creators planned that when they titled the movie. . .

it was actually cute. . sappy, but not overly sappy. . . i think. . or at least over sappy with a good balance of rapier wit and british swearing. . . . BOLLOCKS! there was a lot of story lines running at once, and i feel that a few were unresolved, but over all, pretty cute. . . and enjoyable.

other than that though. .. the larger part of this story is that i'm picking my brother up from the airport this afternoon. . .. i had trouble getting to sleep last night i was so excitied. we discussed books that i wanted to borrow from him. . . movies he wants to bring to share with me. . . . and a few possible upgrades for my computer that he can put together. other than that we have no formal plans. ... i think we will stop in an asian market on our way back because hey!. . .. it's thanksgiving. . . and we need more asian cuisine at my place, right?! and quite frankly. . . the rice i buy at the local supermarket is terrible! i don't know why, how. . . or anything about the different details of rice. . . but the stuff i have sucks, and the stuff i used to get at the asian market was excellent. . . . so i will be trading it out!

we have recipes from mom to work on. . . . and my roommate is bringing back a few more cooking essencials. . . like pots and pan from his short visit home this weekend. . . we do a pot, and a pan. . . but, i think this meal may require more than what those two can handle. . . blast my unbeamable (watch out! star trek reference just made) storage unit in ohio!

i hope things are well with everyone. . . . and i will probably have pictures to share as the week unfolds.

and mom. . . . thanks for the recipes!. . . but dan is now giving me a hard time because you want him to have a blog as well. . . . just remember, that this thing only lasts as long as i have unrestricted access to a computer with fast internet service. . . . so i can only guarentee about another month. . . . :o(

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


so this guy, milton, who i met last christmas sent me a 'do you hate surveys?' survey. . .. this is what i sent back to him. . . if you wanna you can copy, paste, and put your own replies in and send them to my email. . . . .

have a nice weekend!


What your friends call you:
erika. . . some call me toto sometimes :)

What people who aren't your friends call you:
i don't know . . . i don't associate with them. . . i guess if they don't know me they may refer to me as 'that short girl'

What did your mom called you as a little ittle baby:
don't know. . . . but '1/2 pint' and 'pumpkin' were my dad's favorites

Who da man?
mikey. . .. he's so money!

Where you born?

canton potsdam hospital in northern ny

Where were your parents born?
somewhere on long island for my mom. . . and somewhere in westchester county for my day

What country would you feel most attatched to?
i guess the US. . . only other attachments are friends in prague, england, south korea. . . and canada.

Is Bush an idiot?

Sorry I meant to say, "Bush is an idiot."

What are your dreams?
to be a decent person, and work at something i care about, and be close to friends and family

What are you doing to achieve them?

trying to figure it all out. . . . but i do work at what i enjoy and care about. i'm close with people i care for through email and phone calls. . .. but wish i could physically visit more often

Where would you rather be right now?
making pit-stops at friends and family. . . don't care where they are!

What's on your mind when the alarm clock rings?
usually i'm carefully calculating how long it takes me to get ready and what part of my morning routine i can shorten or cut in order to get another 9 minutes of sleep.

What's on your mind during your way to work?
sometimes what i'm looking forward to at work. . . sometimes what npr is serving up on the news. . . sometimes what will be in my latest blog.

What's on your mind around 5pm?
what's for dinner

Where will you be Thanksgiving?
probably in my apartment with my roommate and my brother in santa fe.

Should Turkeys be thankful for giving themselves?
well, the domesticated ones probably don't spend much time thinking about it. . . they are dumb enough to stare up watching it rain with an open mouth and slowly drown. . . the wild ones are really smart. . . so they don't have to worry as much about being served up. . . . i don't exactly think that they should be thankful. . . . but i usually am!

What is one thing that separates you from most other people?
my friends and family. . and the times we've spend together

What are you proud of about yourself?
mmmmm. . . .i feel really proud when i'm with friends and we're laughing. . . and when a friend of mine visited me this summer and hurt her back. . . . i was really proud to have friends out here that offered to looked after her and keep her company when i had to be at work.

Who do you admire?
dammit . .. lots of people. . . usually people who inspire me. . . .artists, designers, writers, people who react amazingly to difficult situations, people who are strong in and aren't afraid to speak up. . . .

Who makes your day better?
anyone who sends me an email and lets me know how things are with them

Who do you learn a lot from?
if i'm paying attention. .. anyone i encounter

Who let the dogs out?
someone rather annoying

What is your favorite movie?
damn these 'favorite' questions. . .. the mood! it all depends on my mood. . . but i guess one movie that i've never gotten tired of is 'real genius'

What kind of music do you like?
big band/swing is what is playing right now. . . but i like funky folk, industrial, techno, 80's, classical. . . and others too probably

What hobbies do you have?
playing piano, artsycraftsy stuff life friendship bracelets, used to crochet. . . but the needles and yarn are in storage, draw, read. . . . movies. . . . that's kinda it i guess. . .

What do you look forward to during the cold-ass winters?
warm blankets

Would you laugh when someone accidently staples their lips together?
probably not. .. unless it was a cartoon

I think that guy would laugh too, except he...well...can't. Ouch!

Who makes you laugh?
these two gods named matt stone and trey parker

Which of your friends knows you the best?
hmmmmm. . . . a group of my friends got me pretty good when they threw me a surprise iron chef birthday party. . . . .but i'm always amazed by people from places like highschool. . . who know me better than i'd think. . . given the time that has past.

Who taught you to ride a bike?
i guess my parents. . . but i don't particularly remember learning. . . not like you see in commercials where the parent takes off the training wheels in the almost ceremonious gesture and pushes the back of the seat and the kid yells, 'look mom/dad. . . i can do it!'. . . i think the training wheels just came off one day. . . .

Are you a good driver?
yeah. . pretty cautious

Can you weave in and out of traffic like my grandma weaves?

probably not

What do you do when you're bored?
sometimes i clean in the hopes of coming across something i hadn't thought of in a while that will occupy my time. . . sometimes i scroll through the list of people and numbers on my cell and randomly choose a few to try. . . . sometimes i find lame tv and watch it for hours. .. .sometimes i go to the gym

What do you do to cheer yourself up?
look through pictures, or notes people have given me that remind me how things have been better. . . .and will get better again

What crazy thing do you want to do?
win the lottery rent an apt or something and spend a couple of months in south korea with my friend and invite and pay for my other friends to visit us.

What is the most embarrassing thing you won't tell anyone! (but will tell people you forward this to)
last summer when i got food poisoning on the opening night of the first opera of the summer, i was sooooooo sick. . . and i accidently squeezed out a bit of diarrhea into my underwear. . . . i booked it to the bathroom, relieved myself completely. . removed the stained underwear (thank god it was only the underwear!), chucked it into the wastebasket. . . and ran the rest of the show commando style. . . .

When someone hands you a flier on the street, what do you do?
read it real briefly, then usually chuck it, unless i think i know someone else will find it interesting

When a homeless guy asks if you have change what do you do?
if i have change. . . but no quarters. . . in my front pocket, i'll drop it in. . . otherwise, i usually don't have much change on me.

When a hot chick on the side of a road shows you leg and it's in the middle of nowhere and wants a ride from you, what do you NOT do?
pick her up. . . . sorry no hot lesbian action here

Do you remember phone numbers now that you have a cell phone? (don't tell me you don't have a cell phone!)((no I didn't buy Nokia stocks!))
not nearly as many. . . . i used to be walking talking phone book in highschool. . . now i'm lucky if i can tell you what number speed dial they are on.

In how many different languages can you say, "hi"?
saigo (sp?)- mohawk
co-nichiwa (sp?)-japanese
moshi-moshi- (for phone)japanese
hola- (spanish)
namaste- indian (i think . . . . )

In how many different languages can you swear?
some french. . . . i think that's it
and i call call someone 'stupid' in japanese. .but i think that's it
maybe some hebrew though. . . .
and i can call someone annoying in korean (oddly enough 'annoying' in korean and hebrew are fairly similar. . . . meecheeganay (sp?)-korean. . . meshuganuh (sp?) hebrew. . . at least i think that's what it means in hebrew. . . . )

How many United States presidents can you name?
the other bush
the other roosevelt
(wasn't there a second addams too?)

Was the number of different languages you can swear greater than the number of United States presidents you can name? (that's so sad if you said, "yes.")
HA!. . . it wasn't

Where have you traveled?
cross country twice. . .
eastern seaboard
virginia to ohio and back many times
ohio to new mexico 3 times
all over ny
stayed a week in paris
stayed a week in washington dc
vegas a couple of times
orlando a couple of times
osh-kosh wisconsin for a weekend
dc for a different weekend
nyc many times
mobile alabama for a weekend

Have you thought about having kids?
yeah. . . and don't hold your breath

What would their name(s) be?
that was half the problem oddly enough. . . back in grade school when kids talk about getting married and having kids and everyone was trying to come up with nifty names, i came up with jazzmin. . . for a girl. . . but then i lost fervor in it. . . so i figured it wasn't what i was looking for.

Since my last name is, "Yu," would it sound cool if I had a daughter, and her name was, "Mi-Anne"?
i knew another kid with the last name yu. . .. his father's name was pei-wen. . .. . i'm not into scarring a kid's childhood with a name. . . . there's too many other things they'll have to face

Would she kill me?
no. . . but seek therapy?. . probably.

How long can you do this at work and not get in trouble?
so far so good

What kinds of things do you do when you hang out with friends?
movies. . . cook. . talk about work. . . . talk about movies. . talk about books... . cards. . . . board games. . . .

What's up this weekend?

a few phone calls. . . gym. . . planning for thanksgiving. . .. cleaning. . . . pay bills. . . .maybe a movie

Thanks a bunch for filling this out and sending it back to me. I might just learn something about you...potty mouth!

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


i had this song, or this one line from a song stuck in my head through the end of yesterday. . .

"holding to the ground as the ground keeps shifting"

it's from a really beautiful song. . . called, "holding to the ground." it is sung by the character trina, in the show falsettos. . . or march of the falsettos. it was one of the last shows i worked on while in virginia. . . it might be that an email from a friend there sparked the memory. . . but with so many friends, family members, and myself in transition situations. . . . the lyrics speared into another level of understanding. . .

true, the show is about something else completely. . . but maybe not entirely. the show focuses on a family. the patriarch of the family, marvin, discovers that he is gay and divorces his wife in order to live out his own lifestyle. ------oooooh. . . . maybe the massachusettes supreme court's decision from yesterday (that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional) also played a camio part in the surfacing of this lyric!------------ anyway. . . the family transforms and includes trina's new husband, trina and marvin's son, and marvin and his partner whizzer. . . as well as a couple of (singing) "lesbians from next door"

it's a really great show. .. the songs are hilarious, touching. . . and sometimes downright sad. towards the end, whizzer is found to be sick with some 'new disease'. . . and everyone is visting him in the hospital. trina sings a hearfelt solo. . .----- in our production, i felt our trina (christa!) was astounding. . . . and i think the sound of it on the recorded soundtrack is really nice. . . . but christa's was somehow more full and emotive. . . but maybe that came from seeing her as well.

anyway. . . . i wrote down the lyrics. . . from memory, though i don't know how accurate they are. . . i think you can see how it probably fits into your life completely. . . but not really. i only wish there were a way to show tone, inflection, pauses and sustains. . . but maybe you'll have to hear it for yourself sometime.

holding to the ground

I was sure growing up I would live the life my mother assumed I'd live

Very jewish very middle class and very straight
Where healthy men stay healthy men and marriages were long and great

I smile, I don't complain
I'm trying to keep sane as the rules keep changing
Families aren't what they were
thank god there's a husband and a child that I adore.

But then there's more, so many more,

there's always more

life is never what you planned,

life is moments you can't understand.
And that is life.

I'm plain, I don't astound.
I hold to the ground as the ground keeps shifting
keeping my balance square

Trying not to care about this man who marvin loves.

But that's my life, he shared my life
Yes that's my life.

life is never what you planned,

life is moments you can't understand.
And that is life.

Holding to the ground as the ground keeps shifting

trying to keep sane as the rules keep changing

Keeping up my head as my heart falls out of sight.

Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
i've been debating on whether or not to write what i've thought about writing. . . and well. . . yes, it may be slightly embarrassing, slightly gross. . . . but, you can always stop reading if you wish. :)

this morning when i was picking my nose (yes i was p-i-c-k-i-n-g- my n-o-s-e) i had a small revelation. i had thought about it before. . . but then, as now. . .i felt less than comfortable about bringing it up in a conversational tone. there i was, trying to dislodge some biohazardous obstruction from my nostril and after succeeding, i found myself feeling mighty accomplished and even proud. you see, even after living in the southwest for several months. . .. my olfactory system is still getting used to the dryness. i find it so irritating to try to sleep with even the slightest whistle in my nose. . . so at times i've even implimented a q-tip in the quest for a clear nasal passage. hmmmmm. .. crusty blood and boogers! i sleep mostly facing down to keep congestion at bay. . . and part of the morning is spent in mass evacuation/escavation of any nasal blockage.

this morning, it just so happened that part of the inside of my nose had crusted up in an exact mold (kind of like a molten exoskeleton) of the passageway. . . and it remained intact as i pulled it out. what was even more wonderous is that it carried all the nastier, soggier material out with it. . .i thought to myself, "how productive!" but of course. . .it is barely something to run around proclaiming. . . or showing off. :)

i know there are others that feel this way. . . there must be! how about. . . have you ever wanted to (stench excluded) applaud someone's accomplishments in the public toilet? i've been seated and heard someone booking it down a set of stairs in a public library on her way to the bathroom. she slamed the door next to mine and started urinating so quickly that i have to think that her pants were half off by the time she hit the door. there was such force behind her relief and she sighed so loudly and somewhat joyously. . . . i nearly started clapping for her.

and then there is the messier of the bathroom reliefs. . . . yes . .. i mean taking a massive crap. everyone can understand that utter sense of alleviation that accompanies that kind of bowel movement. all kidding aside, it's nice to privately achieve that relief. . .. but again, in the public toilet. . . it becomes more about. . . "how can i squeeze this one out without a large 'plop', 'splash', or without it sounding like an onslaught of machine gun fire, or possibly the boiling, churning, and bubbling of and underground lava pit ?" ----even though it may feel exactly like that?

even though, in public, i would like to be discreet. . . there are situations where time is of the essence. . . that, or my queeziness has overshadowed my embarrassment and says, "screw it and let this one rip!".

i feel a certain kindship with others in this situation.. . . who seem to have made the decision to abandon the culturally accepted cautious toilet behavior and loudly break wind and expel noxious materials with what i can only imagine is a goofy grin on their face. at times i've been compelled to exclaim, "nice one!". . . or, "well done." you know that secretly, that's how they feel, and that's how they would congratulate themselves, if they could. . . aloud. ----------for i know, that secretly. . . behind the graffittied public stall door, they are blessing themselves, patting themselves on the back, pumping their fist in the air whispering "yes!", bowing their head and waving their hand in royal grandeur, or daydreaming of acceptance speeches for the 'greatest crapper award.' . . aren't you?!

anyway. . . there it is.

hope i didn't disgust too much. . . . :)


"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."



. . . if you have a minute. . . you gotta check out this site i just found. . . it's pictures of rabbits. . . angora rabbits. . . but they aren't just rabbits. . they are SHOW rabbits. . . i think my favorite is about 5 down. . . a gray one with wild ears. . .

puff ball rabbits

sorry. . . slow day. . . hope you all are well.


for your amusement. . .

if you've been having a blah, lame, or not so good day. . .. perhaps this will lighten your spirit.

i was sent to albuquerque this afternoon to drop off some drawings with another company. i've decided from past experiences that the 2-3 hour drive is too long to rely on local radio stations for aural entertainment. . . so this time, i grabbed my cd player and adapter from my car and set it up in the company truck. (it's a HUGE white dodge) on this particular drive i decided to skim through several mp3 discs that i made a couple of years ago. . . . since i didn't have an mp3 player till now (except for my computer) i never listened to these discs much, and i looked forward to rediscovering the songs i had set aside for myself.

this particular cd had songs from cannibal the musical, the muppet show, fraggle rock, some techno, some weezer, and a few fun surprises from my WAY back childhood. there was this book/tape thing that i had that was a cabbage patch kid musical story. . . there were all the cabbage patch kids, and colonel casey (the cabbage patch kid historian-a stork, if i remember correctly), and the villians lavander mcdade, boe weesel, and cabbage jack (a jack rabbit). each character has very distinct vocal qualities as they sing. . . if you can only imagine it. sadly. . . i knew every song by heart. . . and could sing harmony to several. envision, if you will, me driving in a monsterous white truck singing
cabbages, cabbages, yum, yum, yum. . . cabbages cabbages. . . give me some (cabbage jack's theme), . . .. .everyone needs a lemon in their lemonade, that ME lavander, lavender mcdade (obviously lavander's song). . . . and then there's the harmonious duet between sybil sadie, and rachael marie. . . who are trapped by the three villians in a coal mine in order to bring unhappiness to the cabbage patch, . . . we've got to find a way to get back home. . . this time we're really on our own. . . we've got to get away from cabbage jack, and get back home and then, there'll be laughter in the cabbage patch again . . . .

but i think the clincher may be a brief stop at a stop light. . . a homie in a tricked out red car next to me had some deep bass thumping through the metal skin of his car while i, at the top of my lungs sang out, . . . . JEM. . . jem is excitement. . ooohoh jem, glamour and glitter fashion and fame. . . jem! is truly outrageous truly truly truly outrageous whoa jem!. . . . (changing to snotty skanky voice) we are the misfits, the misfits, our songs are better, we are the misfits, the misfits. . . and we're gonna get her!

now if you remember the cartoon. . . the final pose of jem is with one hand straight up in the air (i think) on the last chord of JEM!. . . yup. . . can you see me doing it? well if you need a little help. . . on tv it looked something like this

and if you really wanna dive into it. . . when jem was herself, and not the rock and roll hologram created by synergy. . . her father's computerized holographic machine, her name was jerrica. . . jerrica. . . erika. . .this is no mere coincidence!. . . .

just kidding. . .

yes.. . . i know. . . a wonderfully proud day for me and those that know me. :)

anyway. . . . thought y'all might enjoy that. . . hope you are well.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


we've gotten our first snow here in santa fe. . . and it will stick for at least a day. . . very heavy and wet. . .HUGE snowflakes. all the trees are bent because they didn't lose all their leaves yet. but in light of my first drive to work in the snow, i've composed a haiku to my windshield wipers.

unobstructed view
highway muck is wiped away
i hate suv's

that's it for now. . . i'll try to snap off some shots and post them tomorrow maybe.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


my so called addiction to tv

i don't have cable.

this isn't exactly a bad thing. although i really miss southpark, queer eye for the straight guy, daily show with jon stewart *ahhh, jon*. . . and many others.

last summer i didn't have cable, and i read a ton of books. i even went back to having cable and retired early to my room to read! however. . . that slowly waned. . . right as i got rid of cable. then i was missing all these shows that i somehow needed to see. (by the way. . . tv is my biggest drug. . . . i admit it unashamed. . .. but in parentheses)

my former roommate (hi swon! hope things are good in korea. . . kick butt on your interviews!) moved in just after winterbreak. i spent time at my parents' during winter break. . . they have digital cable *drool* i became addicted to hbo programming. . . then i discovered netflix, where i can rent all the hbo shows. . . as long as they are released! how exciting! it started with sex in the city. a group of girls would congregate at my place and all gush and giggle over the show. but then we ran out! no more shows on dvd! so i decided i had heard some good talk about sopranos. my roommate came home one evening while i was watching and excailmed that she didn't understand why people always talked about this show! she was only taking one class, and spent most of her time at home sketching, swatching, painting, and writing. she was left alone with the infamous dvds. i started coming home to her watching and catching up with me on different soprano episodes. then finally we were even and watching them together. . . and she would watch and rewatch them. . . with commentary, without. . . while working. . . until i sent them away for another set. (she is now a complete convert.... . who finds tony soprano very cute. . . which i analysed by telling her that she found him attractive because his character protects the women he cares about, even though his 'caring' involves gunfire and cheating on his wife)

alas. . . we ran out of sopranos. . . and decided to move on. but i couldn't imagine it getting any better. . . but lets try out this six feet under. wow now the other shows are really great don't get me wrong. . . but this show really caters to my dark quirky humor. it's really amazing. another friend (hey sara!) got a little upset that swon and i would get ahead of her in the episodes because our schedules didn't connect well. and by the way all you people over at hbo programming---who, i am sure tune into this blgo like it is gospel--i'm still waiting for another season of this show to be released. i'm starting to get the shakes so hurry it up.

so by this summer. . . i'd gotten though all the aforementioned and decided to try oz. oz is an incredible show. . . and the narrative is so clever and intriguing. but i suggest for those weak of heart, try sopranos first. . . if you find it too violent. . . maybe oz is not the show for you.

over the summer, my friend sara (as mentioned earlier) and i caught up together on the back episodes of six feet under. . then, she being a big fan of the bbc. . . she hooked me up with red dwarf (very inventive and fun) and coupling. both shows are fabulous! (and the british version of coupling is soooooooooo much better than the american that was just properly cancelled).

where was i going with this? oh yeah. . i have no cable.

the gym i go to has cable. i can stay on the treadmill while watching mtv. . . not my first choice, but it makes the shakes subside :)

i got caught up in the best of broadway on bravo. a show that had singers and actors from different genres singing their favorite broadway hits. it was really well done. . .and well. . . i didn't quite realize that it was going to last 2 hours. i had already been on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. after an hour and a half of the program, it started to slow down. . . and i wasn't as interested in the performers. so about 2 hours after getting on the treadmill. . (granted, i was only speedwalking) i went to finish the rest of my workout. and for the rest of the day. . . my lower back and ass hurt.

yes ladies and gentlemen. . . this is the price one pays when they don't have cable. they---being me----put themselves through physical tortures in order to get the one small cable fix that they need during the week. and what i'm left with is. . . . .

i have no cable. . ..
my ass hurts. . . . .

hope you have a nice day.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


so, check this out for some major dreaming. i always have really big dreams when i have a chance to sleep into the morning. over the weekend i had a doozey.

so a friend of mine, from highschool, and i were sightseeing.
quick digression. . . . i feel that a friend from highschool was a part of this dream because i've had short email conversations about the fact that i am coming up on my 10 year highschool graduation anniversary. *hack, brp, bleh, horl*

note to self. . . get something else dyed, pierced, tatooed to ebb feeling of growing old. . .

however, only my nose piercing was a direct relation to a birthday passing by. the parentals had expected it. . . i hadn't. i never thought i wanted one. then suddenly, i did. . . (yet i rarely do anything impusively) and now i panic when i feel the stud is missing from my nose. i was worried about having to blow my nose with the nose piercing. . . i always thought it would shoot out the side followed by a small stream of snot. not so. in fact . .. after four months of wearing the 14 gauge hoop in my nose--supposedly necessary for decent healing, however quite making me equate my nose to that of a bull--i found that exchanging it for a stud made for ease of blowing my nose. what i did always think i would like pierced was a librette. that's the spot between your lower lip and chin. i have found those really attractive on people. but the thought that someday i want to pick up my french horn again and play regularly kept me from that. i have yet another fear that trying to create the right air pressure and lip placement will send the piercing flying while adding a slight one note whistle--(like that made by my nose when i am stuffed up)---to whatever melody is played on my horn.

two things i have found interesting about the nose piercing. . . when breathing in. . . in cold weather, the ring gets VERY very cold. . . and when running a followspot and breathing in close to the heat vent, the ring gets VERY very hot.

yet, i digress.

so a friend of mine, from higschool, and i were sightseeing.

it was a castle i had been to twice before. there was iconic frescos on all the walls. the area consisted of a main castle building, a chapel down the hill, and another set of buildings to one side. this castle wasn't like the western european castles. no crenellation, or towers or drawbridge. . . actually, i've been trying to come up with the style and it just came to me. the main building in my dream was rather norse which now makes sense because i had seen the trailer for the next lord of the rings movie. . . . and the castle that 'man' defends takes after norse architecture. ok, so that solves that mystery for me. (aren't you all glad?) then there is the chapel and the other catch all building which was at one time part of the main castle, but had since become a place where a tourist can try authentic cuisine of the area. as my friend and i are touring, i'm trying to remember all the information i had a learned about the buildings from my two previous tours. it was her first time but my third, and this time we weren't on a tour. . . just walking through with no guide. i wasn't remembering anything significant, yet these buildings had tons of history. all i remembered was that when my friend got hungry, i knew that the third building had food. as we walked to the building to get lunch we crested a hill and i could see that on two sides of the land inhabited by the ancient buildings there were skyscrapers being erected. the steel framework was climbed and silhouetted against the blue sky. i thought to myself what a shame to lose the solitude of the area. . .

when we sat down to eat i ordered stuffed cabbage. (it gets weirder) i woke upand was so upset that i couldn't remember any of the historical significance of the buildings, so angry, in fact, with myself that i started racking my brain. . . . where was this place? when was the last time i was there? was the tour part of a school trip? a college trip? who had been with me? the food was german. . . the architecture was norse. . . and the iconic frescos were medieval east-european. . . when was the last time i was in any of these places? oh, right. . . .never. i had dreamed both the tours at a separate time. . . and apparently been bored both times and in effect not remembered much. . . . and had dreamed the trip with my friend from highschool.

and a thought about the whole thing. . .. this plagued me for the first 20 minutes that i was awake saturday morning.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."


the good news for today. . . and i don't have enough time to put more into this. . . . my former roommate jen. . . ran the nyc marathon recently. it's become one of her hobbies. . running. . . and she's been in several marathons since. however. . . at the end of the nyc (her home town)marathon . . . her family met up with her, and her boyfriend surprised her by showing up and proposing to her. bent knee. . . .family right there. . . not a bad way to end a grueling feat of strength and endurance.


"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
sorry to bring out another downer. . . but another tough subject has fallen into my lap. this time it came from my mom. . . who i think hoped that i would email it to people. . . which i will do, but i'll also post it.

sorry it's kinda long. . but i think you need the entirety:

WASHINGTON — The Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation strongly condemned plans by anti-gay Rev. Fred Phelps to
erect a hateful so-called "monument" to the death of Matthew Shepard in
Casper, Wyo.

According to a letter Phelps sent to the Casper City Council, the monument
would include a bronze plaque with Shepard's image and the words "MATTHEW
SHEPARD, Entered Hell October 12, 1998, at age 21 In Defiance of God's
Warning … ." Because of a ruling last year by the 10th Circuit Court in
Denver, the city may have no choice but to display the intolerant and
bigoted message in Shepard's hometown or remove another statue in the park
displaying the Ten Commandments.

Shepard was 21 years old when he was savagely beaten, tied to a wooden fence
in a remote area of Laramie, Wyo., and left to die in freezing temperatures
in an anti-gay hate crime five years ago. Phelps and the Westboro Baptist
Church of Topeka, Kan., where he is a pastor, screamed "God Hates Fags" and
held signs that read "No Fags in Heaven" at Shepard's funeral.

"Matthew was killed by men who believed that hating people because they are
different is something to be glorified. And what fueled them is the same
form of bigotry and intolerance fueling Phelps," said Elizabeth Birch, HRC's
executive director. "The people of Casper do not want their children playing
in a park that is home to such a revolting and reprehensible message.
Furthermore, the American people want their children to grow up treating
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people with fairness and respect, not
turning a blind eye to public displays of hatred."

"Phelps' offensive behavior is just another mean-spirited ploy for
attention," said Joan M. Garry, GLAAD's executive director. "Having this
coincide with the five-year mark of Matt's death makes it even more
offensive, both for Matt's family, the state of Wyoming and the GLBT
community." Garry continued, "GLAAD urges the media to explore the ways in
which this kind of hateful rhetoric fuels the climate of prejudice and
violence that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people face."

The city must now decide whether to move the statue of the Ten Commandments
to private property or to allow Phelps to raise his monument. Phelps, a
disbarred lawyer, told The Salt Lake Tribune that he would buy private
property in the city to display the monument or sue the city.

For more information on hate crimes and legislation that would give local
law enforcement officials the resources they need to investigate and combat
hate crimes based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender or
disability, visit: www.hrc.org/issues. To access a resource kit for
journalists covering hate crimes, visit: www.glaad.org.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation was founded in December of 1998 by Judy and
Dennis Shepard in memory of Matthew. Judy Shepard is currently serving as
its Executive Director. The Foundation is carrying out Matthew's legacy by
developing its own educational materials and programs, and supporting
educational projects, activities, and documentaries that raise awareness of
discrimination and diversity. Mrs. Shepard raises awareness for gay and
lesbian issues, hate crime legislation, and equal rights for the GLBT
community through her annual series of speaking engagements for high
schools, colleges and community organizations. Ninety-eight percent of all
donations are directed to funding of programs and grants. For more
information, please visit the website at www.MatthewShepard.org. The Gay &
Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is dedicated to promoting and
ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in
the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on
gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest national lesbian and gay political
organization with members throughout the country. It effectively lobbies
Congress, provides campaign support and educates the public to ensure that
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans can be open, honest and
safe at home, at work and in the community.

i knew of this site that a friend showed me once. . .. (john . . . can't believe i remember you pointing this out to me)
very terrible name when i was shown it, years ago, there was a picture of matthew shepard burning in the flames of hell. . now there's a link off of it that shows what the monument will look like.
see it

i don't known what all i can do. . . personally, other than be a decent person day to day. . . but when you see things like this, any decent person would want to do more. something to stop another person's ability to put up such a monument to hatred and intolerance. . .and ignorance. . .

another site that i don't think is mentioned above is the site kept by matthew's family.
matthew's place

there are some good links off of it. . . and the speech that matthew's dad gave after the trial is incredibly moving, and powerful.

honestly. . . i remember the incident in the news. . . but i didn't follow it. how i know more about it is from seeing a production of the laramie project which is a play. . . but i believe was also made into a movie version. there was this incredible section where one of matthew's friends recounted how they dealt with the people yelling 'god hates fags' outside the court. a group of them got together and made and wore large angel wings. they made a line separating the evil protestors blocking them from the people they meant to harm with their angel wings. they didn't shout or physically react back. i think, if i remember the play correctly. . . they stood there. . . strong, singing . . . amazing grace maybe?

honestly, as far as the play was. . . the desciption of this moment was one of the more moving. the thought of seeing people create something so beautiful and loving in the face of. . . and blocking those that create so much fear and hatred was truly inspiring.

i'd love to see pictures or video of this. wish i had paid more attention to the news.

anyway. . .

i wonder if mr phelps has an email account? perhaps in inpouring of emails rationably written against his monument would be an influence? i guess i can be comforted by the fact that if this monument goes up. . .. it will be demolished. . . there are too many decent people in the world that own hammers to allow it to stand.


so i have something a little more celebratory to exclaim. my friend and former roommate, neill, has just received notice that he passed his bar exam! he was a theatre major along with me and my friends at emerson. he moved out to la to work with movie producers, and i think for a while he was thinking about entertainment law. (go ahead and correct me if i'm wrong neill)

we both moved to san francisco when val, james, and i drove out there after college. i know that after i left he spent some time doing paralegal work, and attending law school. when he worked in theatre, he was an amazing stage manager. extremely meticulous, and on top of everything. . . as well as easily approachable. he attacks everything with the same exactness as he stage managed. . . so law seems to fit in just fine. he's the kind of guy who, when he moves to a new area. . . he'll drive around and learn every single street, as well as places of notes on them. i'm kind of the opposite in that, i'll drive around looking for a place, when that place has become necessary for me to find. i remember he would also look through town records and history, so that he would know all those interesting details about whatever town he was in.

in college he was also very much into wicca. . . i think it is still a significant part of his life. and when discussing religion and beliefs. .. i had only inklings on the workings of the darker side of the catholic church. . . but neill could quote significant rituals that had once been pagan, but were twisted by the church for their own gains. i always loved hearing all the knowledge he had pour out of him. it made for wonderfully fascinating late night discussions. and now . . *sniff, sniff* he's all up and grown on me. :)

he has told me. . . a couple of times. . what his new specific venture in law is. . .(but of course, i've lost it). . . but he'll be attending more classes at tufts which has a program specific to his needs. and yes. . he has moved from san francisco back to boston. . . where, someday, i will traverse in order to see anyone i know there or at least anyone that is left there. . . the number are dwindling. . . and i'll probably crash at my brother's. . if he is still there.

but for the time being. . . someone who has worked really hard. . and who deserves to move on up. . is doing just that. yipee!


"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
excuse me. . . while i wax political. . . .

so the $87 billion dollars was approved. i overheard a bit on npr. . . in the senate only 5 members physically showed for the verbal vote. in total though, it passed about 300 to about 120.

According to documents sent to Capitol Hill by the Bush administration, $20 billion of its requested $87 billion is slated for reconstruction efforts in Iraq – only a portion of the $50 billion to $75 billion estimated as necessary for rebuilding over just the next four years, according to a report in the LA Times.

if you want to see the estimated break down for the rest of the money go here

$87 for what?

now. . . i wonder. . . what could we possibly do with the money here at home?

do you wonder?

check this out: $87 at home?

i had this one teacher. . . bless her heart. . . she rarely stayed on the subject at hand, but she did raise some good points about how in the 60's people would get out and protest these things. college students of the 60's wouldn't put up with tuition increases. . (for example) so why aren't we. . . .protesting that is? in some poll done somewhere, the majority of the population was not in favor of passing this bill. but of course. . . in the popular majority, bush wouldn't be president either. how is it that we live in two parallel universes? the popular majority and the people who get to make the decisions? i wonder what this country would be like if the senate and congress weren't so strongly lobbied by major meat industries, oil, and the nra. (to name a few)

speaking of the nra. . . what a perfect time for a transition to my next topic of anger (i'll have to save my theories on why we no longer protest till i have them formulated).

so, it seems the nra created a blacklist of all the celebrities that are for more strict gun control, in the hopes that people who supported the nra would perhaps not go to see a movie staring anyone on the list, or buy music created by anyone on the list. either way it backfired. celebrities who were left off the list or forgotten, wrote in, angered that they were left off. . and a new list has sprouted out of it which anyone can join. wanna sign up. . . i did.

if you wanna read about it, or sign up, go to this site and follow the corresponding links:

get on the NRA blacklist

enough political talk for today.


so i'm experiencing a little technical difficulty in the movie blog. when i copied and pasted. . . my apostrophes aren't being read by the new skin. . . i'll work on it. . . bit by bit.

i remember i had a topic this past weekend that i wanted to broach, but i can't remember the entirety of it. . . so what i'm left with is this nagging anger towards a few selected commercials. . . but i don't remember all the ones i was really bothered by. the one that i somewhat remember is some suv commercial. . . . by the way i HATE suvs. but the company went on and on about the vehicles off roading capability. . . and all the special features it has. the tag line was something like. . . 'we just don't understand why all cars don't meet the same standards"

well. . . i'll tell you something. like most vehicle owners, suv owners included, i drive my car on these things called ROADS. about 98 percent of the time this consists of pavement that avoids dangerous rocky terrain or extreme inclines. so all that extra stuff being put into the particular suv would be going to waste on a customer like me. and quite frankly, it's going to waste on probably 90 percent of suv owners. being out here in the southwest there is a higher population of people who do offroading. . . but many of them spend lots of time and money building and tricking out their own vehicles. what good is an automobile that gets less than 28-30 miles to the gallon these days? disgusting!

they take up too much room on the roads. . . and too much room in parking lots. when you are behind or across from one, you can't see beyond it as to what is coming or what is ahead. sorry. . . did i mention already that i really dispise suvs?

the other commercial that comes to mind are the lame nextel commercials. . i think, i'm not quite sure, but i think that they are advertising a cell phone that has some sort of walky talky capability. if that is so, then these commercials are inane. all of the people in the scenarios, using the phones, are within a five foot distance from one another. does this mean that nextel's phone works as a walky talky when users are at a distance no greater than that used during a common conversation? wow. . . great product. where can i get me one? wonder if it's for the not so smart trekky fans who want to feel like they are using a communicator, and don't realize that pretending to talk into their cheap digital watches would be just as effective and less costly?

i'm sure there are more. . .but i can't remember.

perhaps to be continued later.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
i know, i know. .. i'm trying different skins again. i hope that if it doesn't work out that someone will email me and tell me that it sucks. i do believe that i've heard that it really only looks good in internet explorer. . . it's possible.

don't have a topic right now. . . but the day is still young.

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."