water, electricity and puppies, oh my!

ok. i’m used to having dreams about work, nightmare as well. i started having a dream last night about work. it was about a show that would be done in a pool. -ok, i just did a show that had a pool this past summer. we were worried that it would include lights under water, but we lucked out. my dream was not as lucky. whomever was running the show wanted lights underwater. the pool was in bad condition. there were broken in pool lighting fixtures that were exposed to water, they would’ve electrified the pool had they been turned on. i started making an argument that the existing pool lighting needed fixing before i could run any new fixtures through it. . . hmmm, starting to sound like a metaphor huh?

anyway, turns out the show was a puppy show. . . underwater. gotta love those dreams.

a bunch of the ‘talent’ for the show started to show up. . . . PUPPIES! since no one was listening to me telling them to steer clear from turning on the power to the pool lights, all i could do was prep my cable to go into the pool, and play with the puppies. after a while, all i was doing was playing with the puppies.

yeah, it’s no secret to anyone that knows me that i enjoy a good distraction when under a good deal of stress. i still get my work done, but i like to slip some fun in while i’m at it. but what does it mean when my dreams are creating dream distractions for me. . . and ones so incredibly cliched as puppies.

i made a leap in coming here, and as dr. sam beckett would say, ‘oh boy.’

ps, i’m not so sure the link i placed earlier is working, so just in case. .. .

techies on tv, hopefully

technicians in the news!

so a handful of my friends are working out at centerstage in baltimore. a group of them live in this house on 34th street. they actually wrote a letter to the landlords to petition for the apartment. the reason being that the entire street does this light and christmas decoration show known as ‘the miracle on 34th street.’ my friends promised to make it worth their while to have them as tenants. so my friends did it up, and made it onto the news with a 30 foot tall christmas tree made of lights.

here’s the news footage!

techies on tv!


update . . . *sigh*

so, for those of you who haven’t been in the know., i got a new job, and i’ve moved to southern california. that’s the short of it.

leaving was really hard.

the scene shop threw a cookout up on the back deck. burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, carnivore smores, a deep fried pork tenderloin, and a nice goodbye cake. i even kept from crying all the way to the end. that was thursday. friday my brother flew into town. we had some green chile stew and chile rellenos from maria’s. . . my last new mexican food for a while. the next morning we cleaned out my apartment and packed the truck, then got the car put on a hitch. katy, my former roommate, met up with us for one more lunch before we headed out. dan was out for a little while this summer but missed going to the french pastry shop in the la fonda, so that was the place for lunch.

katy and i made a swift get away from the parking lot so we wouldn’t sit and cry too much.

by mid afternoon dan and i were on the road. we made a stop somewhere after flagstaff, az to sleep a bit. sadly we got up too late for the breakfast at the hotel. . . but i had a craving for cracker barrel, mmm biscuits and apple butter.

have i mentioned how fun driving a large truck with a hitch is? yeah, that’s because it’s not. although not being able to see what’s behind you, except through the mirrors, leads one to not care too much about all the people wanting to pass you. however, in our last leg in california we were on a two lane highway, and it was difficult to pass. on one turn i noticed a growing caravan behind me, so i pulled over to the side to let people pass. i ended up doing that three times with a total of about 42 fellow drivers who were stuck behind me.

dan and i got in around 8:30 pm on sunday night. (i’m staying at an extended stay hotel place till i’ve worked out a decent apartment.) i’ve gotten used to the schedule of new mexico. nothing open past 6 pm on a week day, and usually even earlier on a sunday. so i was a bit worried about getting some dinner and minimal supplies for the week getting in at 8:30. but this is california! we were able to get both some groceries as well as dinner, right across the street from the hotel. and being closer to the shore. . . how about sushi! and yet again, right across the street. fantastic. this time only for take out, but we hit it the next night too, mostly because dan saw that the sushi bar had one of those double conveyer belts, so the sushi travels past you. . . it’s wonderful. of course, later in the week a friend pointed out a sushi place that utilizes a moving moat and the sushi is put on small boats . . . so cute.

have i mentioned how incredible my brother is? well, for those in doubt, here is the proof. monday night i figured out that i needed to ditch the truck and all my stuff into a storage space. well, my schedule was hectic- but i’ll get to that later- so my brother found me a storage space nearby, set it up for me, and unloaded the entire truck. to be honest, he basically loaded it the day we left. i just pushed everything into place as to how it should be packed and cleaned behind us as we emptied rooms. unbelievable. i am so indebted, and according to my mom, that’s a good characteristic to have. so i’ll wear it for a while, but i do hope i’ll have a chance to do something in return.

wednesday, dan left. i really wish he could’ve stayed longer. maybe till the weekend, or just till i had a day off and we could’ve explored a little, but as i hinted at, i was kept busy all week.

saturday, michael (one of the crew members from this summer who happens to be from outside LA) came and rescued me from my hotel room. he drove me around glendale and pasadena. later on we caught a midnight showing of the animated movie, the renaissance. it was hard to stay awake that late. i’ve been turning in early to stay on top of the days around here. anyway, he’s looking to get an apartment soon as well, so maybe we’ll get a place together. it would be really nice to live around someone i know, and someone who knows the area.

today, i’ve done little other than get some groceries and a few things from my storage.

the truth is, i don’t know if i want to delve into what i’ve been hit with here at work. it’s hard, and it’s incredibly messy. . . . on so many levels. i see a way through it, i just don’t know if i’ll have the support that i’ll need. i hope i figure that part out this week. i think i’ll keep that for another entry.

oh, i’m the staff ME at CalArts. if i didn’t make that clear earlier.