arrivals and departures

so my mom got into town sometime in the middle of last week. for the weekend both her brother and my brother came into town. we were able to do a handful of meals as a group, some movie watching and relaxing time. . . and both the brothers finally got to see an opera. we did a stroll through shidoni. . . and as luck had it, they were pouring bronze while we were there. i’ll have to get a few pictures up when i get a chance.

my actual days off felt a bit unproductive. we attempted as a group to get to the taos pueblo. this is my second attempt, and my second failure. they were closed. . . again. maybe the taos pueblo and i don’t need to spend much time together. it’s just not meant to be.

the next day was short. . . a late breakfast and then a trip to the airport for dan to head back to boston. short visit, but he he’d missed a chance to see a show at the opera last year and i was really glad he got to see two of them this time around. plus, we also got a couple rounds of katamari damacy in as well. .. . along with a well deserved rubbing to me for not having made it through the two entire games already.

mom and i got to see a dance show as well. i’ve been wanting to see momix since ‘98. . . i was given a hat with their logo by a schoolmate who got it as swag from doing a load in. anyone who had seen their show could explain the logo. . . but i’d never seen it, only heard about it numerous times. they did a different repertoire, but it was still pretty stunning.

charlie left sunday. . . dan left monday. . . mom left tuesday. . . and my friend sarah left the country on sunday as well. i had sent her a small care package with a few items to help her while away the time. . . but my schedule got really busy and then my family showed up. i almost completely missed calling her before she took off! i got a 15 minute call in on sunday morning before her flight in the evening. she has a teaching job for six months in india. . . and she plans to make it a full year there. i’m so excited for her. i think it’s a large and necessary step. i know our communications will be less frequent. . . and somehow i feel my complaint crabbiness from work and lame sporadic boy problems will so pale in comparison to her everyday trials and achievements. i mean really. . .. how much can the gossip about project runway matter? i will miss that kind of banter terribly. . . and yet, i can’t wait to hear or read about her daily adventures.

and it being august, this week has been a little easier. all the shows are up and running, and we’ve had fewer hours to put in. but it will only be for a week. next week we start working on apprentice scenes. . . and maybe there will be one more week of ‘simple work.’ and then. . . more departures.

mmmm. . . maybe some family fun center for tomorrow though! maybe. . . .