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this month's field trip: an indoor folk village.

they painted mugs, and made soap, or watched liquid soap harden.


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i sometimes feel this might be an accurate description of how the kids feel on some of our field trips. often they are dragged about, pulled away from fun activities to take picture after picture. so my co-teacher, jewel, and i posed them behind these bars for fun.


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and this is what i think the teachers feel like. here is veca, my co-teacher, tired, frustrated, hand on hip, as screaming kids buzz around her in a blur.


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to get geared up for south korea's second world cup match, i had my kindy kids make 'fighting korea fans'. . . and i gave them fan supporting tattoos.


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i watched the first south korean game in a great sports bar in itaewon. just me, a bunch of foreigners, and a whole lot of rowdy koreans. it was a great time. their second game was during the week, so a group of use went out for dinner right in handaeup to catch the game.

all the tables and large screens were out. we had to get a table inside because all the outside tables were previously reserved. needless to say. . . there was a massive crowd. it was a rough game to watch. argentina really schooled south korea.

i was talking about the game with my students a few hours before. i said it would be a tough game since argentina was so good. she reassured me, 'that's ok, we have Park Ji-Sung' (the south korean who plays for Man. U.) Park Ji-Sung wasn't quite enough.


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hazel, ryan, natalie and i road our bikes out to daebudo island on the edges of ansan. a pretty decent ride, though the wind was killer on the way out.

before heading back, we stopped for dinner. waterside shellfish bbq. check the clams on the grill. . . and that pancake!


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at this point in the picture, i'm wondering if the time has gone off or not.


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it was a bit chilly, but it was nice sitting outdoors as the sun went down before we road back.


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got to a baseball game a few weekends ago. great day, kinda overcast and not too hot.

doosan bears vs. the samsung lions. and on the way, we picked up some burger king. as did two of the samsung lions- you can see them in blue jerseys at the front of the line.


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baseball is very much a spectator sport here. there are 'cheerleaders' in each section to lead the crowd through the chants. each section cheered while their team was up to bat, and kinda went silent while the opposing team was up.

the guy next to me was very much a lions fan and would try to send his team good 'juju' and the other team bad 'juju' by wiggling his fingers and yelling stuff at them. however, since he was sitting next to a weguk (foreigner) he decided to throw in some english as well.

'niceh' when they did something good. 'give us a homeh runeh!' and oddly enough, when the opposing team was up, he wiggled his fingers and said. . . 'ooooooooh. . . boston red sox.'

ps. lions won!