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and here's my impression of a pirate getting a nebulizer treatment.


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and to think, back home i might be so inclined to take some nyquil or dayquil. apparently, i've been missing out.


trouble sleeping

i never picked myself as having trouble sleeping in on weekends, as long as time permitted, and yet. . . .

granted, i’ve had these strange cold type symptoms that only crop up an hour before i go to sleep and the first hour that i wake up. so getting to sleep- a little troubling. . . and getting up mostly because i need to rid myself of extra head goo, also bothersome. but still, i should be able to nap through a lazy sunday, no problem.

but then there’s my tv. last night i watched a movie, then decided to fall asleep to some lame tv, instead of music. i flipped through some channels to find something appropriate when i came across. . . Electric Dreams! yes. . . -though possibly only my brother and father would be equally amazed as i am. was i able to stay awake through the whole thing? no- and from the parts that i saw, it wasn’t quite worth it, but it kept me up well past 3.

but what does that matter? i have no plans for sunday. . . i can sleep all day.

till i wake up with the need to blow my nose incessantly- at 9. ok, i’ll read a bit then go back to sleep. 10am- now fully awake.

maybe tv will lull me back.

Blown Away was on. a movie i had planned to see since i went to college in boston, but never got around to. grrrr. FINE. . . i’ll watch it. it’s not like i’m gonna rent it soon.

noon- i’m hungry. i’ll clean the apartment and eat a bit. what comes on? ghost adventures!

before you judge- i LOVE all those ridiculous ghost hunting tv shows. do i believe in ghosts?. . . not really, but do i love watching people freak themselves out? yeah. . . and am i compelled by their sometimes interesting evidence?. . . yeah.

at first i shunned the ghost adventures. they just seemed like some bored tools with a little too much time and access to some video equipment. . .

my favorite was the ghost hunters on sci-fi. they had the science and a good philosophy to the whole thing. not just believing every little knock and creak. they seem to really be after evidence, and they also seem to genuinely want to help the people that they visit.

the most haunted team is kinda fun- great locations, fun accents. . . and you can almost lay money that yvette will freak out 11-15 minutes into any show.

there’s that psychic hunters or whatever. . . not so much into them. . .

but ghost adventures has just gotten damned entertaining. it’s like the jackass of ghost hunting reality tv. these guys seem like they all came out of a frat together having taken some film making classes. . . they walk into rooms and do exactly what you really want to see everyone else do. . . yell at the ghosts to attack them. they intersperse their taunting with, ‘bro, what was that?’ . . . ‘dude, over there, over there!’. . . it’s just too much fun. and well, it’s now on korean tv.

along with all the blockbusters from 2008, and a bizarre collection of movies i always meant to see, and movies i thought no one else knew about. . . theres a bunch of stephen segal and jean claude van dam movies. . . but those don’t keep me up at night.

i did see enough of the new bionic woman to know i didn’t miss too much. there’s almost always a csi, cold case, or some crime fighter show on. . . sadly they picked up the new knight rider. . .but i have gotten hooked on how i met your mother. . . so there seems to be a balance. . . sorta.

anyway, back to cleaning and such. . . . wonder what’s on tonight? maybe i’ll just stick to podcasts.

how i accidentally spent 400,000 won yesterday

let me take you a month or two back.

one of my friends here is having some back problems. she’s gone to acupuncturists and herbalists for years, but her back still hurts. when she explained the pain to me it sounded exactly like how my back hurt when i crushed my sciatic nerve. i suggested a chiropractor, since i had recovered so well seeing one.

she’s never been to one but started researching.

sometime in all this i mentioned it all to swon, and she said she had an old friend who was a chiropractor and he worked with some people in itaewon. he specialized in dealing with expats- excellent english and all. she said she’d get his info and get back to me, since she hadn’t been in contact with him for a while.

turns out, as she tried to contact him, he was opening his own practice. . . and he needed some interior design help. so swon got another job. . . and contact info for me.

crank up to yesterday. a few of us were loafing about town and swon called me to see what i was up to. i said i’d probably swing through itaewon shortly and she said i should see her friend. i said i’d try.

then. . .she sent me his info. . . ok, if i had time i’d check it out.

then she called him to tell him i would stop by, and i should get a discount. . . ok, guess i’m going.

then she had him look me up on facebook, so he would recognize me. . . so. . . that clinched it. . . i basically had an appointment (they just opened tuesday this week, so it was pretty quiet)

i mostly wanted my friend to check it out, but i don’t mind having an adjustment, and the price was similar to what i was used to in the US. . . so why not. my neck had been a bit stiff.

i felt pretty fantastic after the adjustment. . . and the place looked great- swon has great taste.

the doc told me about a deal if i signed up for ten sessions. i figured i could get to itaewon for ten sessions over a year, so i said sure. i didn’t realize i would be paying for those ten sessions up front. . . .iiieeeee!

guess i was lucky that i hadn’t sent money home yet this month.

good side- i have 10 standing appointments for adjustments.


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a really interesting welded art project in insadong.


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some of the welding up close.


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the back lighting is ok. . . but i think it would look great against the dark sky if it was well lit.


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last weekend a few of us took the train out to oido- a coastal town known for it's fish. the people standing in the street approach cars and passersby in order to drag them into their restaurant.


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a sweet little coffee shop.


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coastline, and restaurants.


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i heart graffiti. found on a time line of how oido has fished through the ages.


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a nice spot to view the city.


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dinner anyone? these are only about the size of my fist. small dinner.