a real time waster

so, i still am not yet ready to tackle the whole summer and what i've been up to and what i'm doing or what is in the works. but, since i don't have the ability to waster your time as you read about my life i have another way to waste your time.

for several years now i've wanted to make a time lapse movie of our focuses here at the Santa Fe Opera. well, this year's crew inspired me to go a bit further. i rented a mini DV cam and started shooting, then started editing, then added music, created a DVD and i even figured out how to upload it, in a very small version, to my mac website.

in total the thing is about a half hour. the first half almost anyone would enjoy, especially any theatre oriented people. the second half is a little sweet, fun, sentimental, and a bit like a yearbook. . . . so, watch at your own leisure if you wish. overall it was totally fun to make, kind of cheesy at times, possibly even propaganda-ish at times, but i like it.




long timey, no writey

wow. . . i'm not even sure where to start. so many people i should've called by now. . . so many emails i should've written. but i didn't. now, it's august, i know that only because my roommate reminded me to pay my rent. that, and i got a call from budget that i need to renew my rental contract, perhaps for another month.

yes, i still have the rental car from the sears fiasco back in late may. something about corporate headquarters of sears is still trying to figure out the whole insurance thing with the other car that was hit. WHO KNOWS. i've called and left messages, but nothing in return. for the time being, i'm not worried. i guess if i need to worry later, i'll do that then.

i've read nearly all the 'hellblazer' comics that are available. at least, all the ones that are in paperback. i was also recommended 'the red tent' by one of the apprentices. . . . GREAT book. read it in a couple of days, which feels so good when you've been slowly working through several books for a few months. then i put away, 'the alchemist', nice, sweet, short. i then decided to pick up 'alice in wonderland'. this will be more slowly going i think. still in the middle of 'a short history of nearly everything', and 'grimms fairy tales'. but i also finished listening to lewis black's 'nothing sacred.'

haven't been to see too much other than 'charlie and the chocolate factory.' but i think i wanna get out to see 'wedding crashers.' perhaps today! this is my third day off in a row! i've been living it up, in my apartment. almost never getting out of my pj's. the first night off i cooked a plethora of food and invited a bunch of people over after the show. we all played 'apples to apples' and ate, and well, it was nice and chill. i also completed my extended taxes. . . . whooo hooooooo. one big thing down. now i gotta really start thinking about these upcoming weddings :)

i had another day off after a long stretch of hard work and openings just after my parents were here. i decided to spend it at a spa, for a change of pace. i went up to the 'ten thousand waves' here in santa fe. quite nice. so peaceful and quiet, tranquil. i had one treatment that involved warm oozing peppermint oil all over my head, followed by a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. it was very nice, and a good warm up for the hot stone massage to follow. the hot stone, i highly recommend. it's in a private room with the door to the exterior view of the mountains left open. constant fresh air and natural noises. a combination of warm and cool stones are used to massage all over, both relaxing and invigorating. the people are really nice. the area is beautiful. hot tubs, cool soaks, saunas, a really cute shop. not a bad way to spend a day.

there was a decent party last night out at a coworker's house last night, so i was there till 5am. when you get out of work between 12 and 2 am, hanging out for a few hours means something completely different then getting out at 5 pm. so, i should've slept more, but i was up around 11 am, and i'm not sure what i'm up to today, but i'm trying to get the blogging done with.

i also rented a video camera, we're gonna try to make a rip on a cheesy 'yearbook video' thingy. i was shooting the kids working and focusing, it's quite a lot of fun. the best bit was when the kids started to do 'confessionals' in between focus calls. it's gonna be a yearbook/ realworld/ this is what we really do type video. as long as i figure out how to edit it all. i've also put all the footage on a public computer too, and a couple of kids will edit it as they please. hehehehehe. should be fun.

mmm. think that's all for right now. i wanna eat, and i should edit some more, or read, or, i don't know. . . shower?


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the sandia air tram is the longest air tram in the world. it's a 15 minutes ride, and it's totally gorgeous.


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so, mom and dad came up for a quick visit. i got them into Ainadamar, and Peter Grimes, and they took me on all the touristy things that i hadn't done yet. this is from the sandia peak, we also did the santa fe trolley tour. now i almost know as much about santa fe as my mom does.