ok! i'm back. . . well not really back, but i'm on jared's computer and will be able to upload pictures. . . . yay!

soooooooooo. . . . guess where i was. . . .

and i didn't have to leave santa fe. . . . confused. . . . how about a picture with a little more light. . . .

yes folks. . . . it's refridgerator henge. . . . one of my coworkers mentioned it the other day, then gave me directions from work. . . . it's actually a great area to view the sunset across the valley as well.

however, it shouldn't overcast my visit to carhenge. . . . out in nebraska with james and val on our cross-country to san francisco. . . .

we hit that at sunrise, and i got my first view of fredge henge at sunset. . . rather fitting. i was bothered though that i couldn't walk around or get close to fridge henge. . . it was all fenced off. i wonder if that's where the santa fe mafia keeps all their dead bodies? anyway, it wasn't nearly as interactive as carhenge. . .. . . . but still, a fun site. . .. .


a couple of sunday's ago, i made plans with jared (mostly to celebrate his birthday) and a group of people from the opera to go bowling. the only place that had open bowling in the mid day was a casino out in espanola. . . . but what fun that would be? right?

so we all showed up and started bowling.. . . .man, i suck. i mean, i remember i used to break a hundred on each game. . . . on my first game i barely broke 50! and the game is all set up weird. there's electronic scoring, and when you gutterball, the screen mocks you by thanking you for 'cleaning the gutters, but it is unnecessary since we get that done once a week by a professional.'---can you tell that i'm bitter? i got that one a few too many times.

man, i remember when a cute college guy in the lane over remarked that i had a really great curve to my 'toss' ( i use the word toss here, since i don't know what you call it when you roll the ball down the lane, is there a technical term?). my friend at the time was trying to flirt with him, which i thought was lame since we were having a girly night out. . .. but i was pleased when he paid more attention to my ball curning then her lameass attemts for attention. anyway. . . . bowling was a normal part of my weekends as a highschooler. erika, dan, and i (and when my brother came along, it was 2 erika's and 2 dan's--kinda weird, huh?) would set up for bowling almost every weekend, especially in the winter when the drive-in double movie wasn't running. once, dan walked out with his bowling shoes still on, and didn't realize till we stopped to get sodas at the grocery. and this whole electronic scoring this is a jip. exactly why did we spend so much time in highschool learning the details of scoring a bowling game in gym class, if it was going to be taken over by a malicious machine. . . . and how does one cheat now to get free games!?

ahhh. . . those were the days, of driving through a college town freaking unsuspecting people out by blasting fraggle rock and muppet tunes in my friend's car, and instead of yelling our school pride or snide remarks to non-coltonians.. . . we'd yell, "big bird rules" at the top of our lungs. . . . and i didn't suck at bowling. . . . guess i should practice more.
ok, this happened about a week ago. . . . but i forgot to blog it. i caught an ad for law and order's svu, and (through the fuzz of my uncabled tv) noticed a familiar form and voice. brent popolizio!. . . . this dude was a completely cool actor type at emerson, and lived above me one summer. he was also in one of my favorite shows that i worked on at emerson, spring's awakening. . .. a really dark victorian coming of age story----did i mention really dark? anyway, he played a schoolboy named, Melchior or maybe he was moritz? anyway the character takes his own life. . . if i remember correctly. man. . . . for being one of my favorites. . . it sure doesn't seem like i left much memory room in my brain for it. i was the master electrician. . .. and the cast included most of my favorite actors from my time at emerson. . .. the script was something like 30 pages long. . .. i remember the stage manager showing me how short it was, but the quirky but gifted director turned it into a four hour tour. we usually lost 3/4 of our audience after 2 hours at the intermission break. . . . sad. . . they missed a great show.

anyway, brent, --who once came down the fire escape into the kitchen while i was cooking to borrow some extra tin foil. . . . was in an episode of law and order svu. i thought it would be great if he ended up being a suspect in a murder case, and he was for about 25 seconds, before he cleared himself by explaining that he had found the dead girl's phone in the street and just started using it.

it's so exciting seeing people i know on tv, especially people i like :)

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
something really interesting that i saw the other day, and wish i gotten a shot of it, but didn't. . . .

in the sky over santa fe, there were a bunch of jets doing some sort of manuevers and leaving jet streams all over the place. one jet though had this really incredible thing going on. . . he had gotten to the exact angle that he was flying in his own shadow. . . so in front of him was a dark line in the sky, and behind him was a white jet stream. it was incredibly cool looking. . .. guess you'll all have to imagine :)

"and we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere . . .and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys."
*pictures to come, hopefully tonight!*

so. . .. i wanted to post a number of pictures from a show i worked on back in school. i was relaying the detailes of it to a friend. . . and how i had to work with someone who, if i put it in nice terms, was a difficult person. anyway, my part of the show turned out fantastic. . . .

a brief encounter. . . .

a dialogue among us. . . . .

songs of the jaguar. . . .(honestly i could post dozens of shots from this piece. . .. but if i had to narrow it down, here are a handful. . .. )

and andy's hat. . . .

there was another piece that i designd the lights for in this concert, but the shots just didn't turn out so good. . . damn dancers. . .. always gotta be moving around :)

but i was telling my friend (heya ray!) that i really thought this was some of my most stunning work to date.
ok. . . this is freakin lame. . . . i got time to work on my blog at the library. . . and i can't use the cd rom to post and pictures. . . so. . . i'm gonna type everything i need to type now, and beg jared later to let me post pictures.. . . and in the next week, work on something more user-friendly to my life. . . . . ARG!