i love being organized

more over, i love having the necessity to be organized. can’t exactly say it’s been the most important thing in my world these past few months, but the break has been kind of nice too. my organizational need jump started a bit today, not over anything truly important like getting a job or anything like that. . . *puhshaw*. . . nonetheless, it kicked in.

i was reading comfortably when my shopping list kept reappearing in my head to the point of imagining how top heavy the assortment of items would be inside that tiny basket. i decided to get up and write the list down, at which point all my other lists and tasks started revealing themselves- like a loud and unnecessarily needy group of students crowding outside a teacher’s office. the teacher meeting the onslaught after having tried to sneak back into her office (after office hours) to retrieve her forgotten lunch box only to be caught spending another several hours trying to pan through the mess, ‘yes, i think it’s terrible that you’re roommate lets their blaring alarm clock run while you are trying to sleep,’ ‘wow, your parents vacationing in italy won’t be able to make your performance, that’s upsetting,’ . . . internally thinking, ‘what does this have to do with today’s lesson?,’ and ‘isn’t there a school counselor who would be better at fielding this issue?’

as expected, i’ve now lost half my shopping list to the depths of my brain, but i have my blog out and running, there are several web browsers spinning, i’m ripping music from a friend and collecting music that i plan to give in return, my book is open beside me, there’s music in the background. . . my list of people i need to ‘get back to’ is getting lengthy. . . still have to clean up from breakfast, make the bed, get dressed etc. . . but i’ve gone for a nice walk, gotten through my core exercises, and showered. . . but even with the current ‘to do’ list i might not get out to do the shopping. . .

guess i should get back to it then. have a good one!

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Daniel said...

ha...i'm totally the same way...i like to try to sit down and make a to do list, or something, and i usually end up making another list, and another, and another, until finally i'm making a to do list and one of the to do's is to do the to do list....pfew... :( anyways...i feel your pain....i love your blogs...they always make me all warm and fuzzy inside... :)

miss ya!