fuzzy cute

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so, you may be familiar with my past troubles in getting a decent haircut here in korea. i constantly get the same too-short haircut. no matter how i describe that i only want a trim or even if the hairdresser speaks english, my simple trim turns out to be the same lame cut, and when that doesn’t happen, there’s the possibility of ending up a blond. it’s been difficult to grow my hair much longer and i’ve taken to cutting my own hair. however, my bad luck is now affecting my poor dog.

here was my sweet, happy-go-lucky, ‘hobo clown dog’ saturday morning.

her fur had started to mat in places, and well, it’s getting warmer. so i decided to take her in for a grooming. i had a short discussion with the groomer. she wanted to give her a schnauzer look, and i was fine with that. she pointed to a dog that had been shaved and i emphatically shook my head no, and told her just a trim.

ugly cute

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sorry glitchy!

well, they did find a skin irritation, so maybe they felt they had to shave her to find all of it.. . . but still. . .

her silvery coat is even more apparent now. but gone is my fluffy sweety. . . and for the next few months, i have a sleek, perpetually grumpy looking wilford brimely dog.

it hasn’t affected her popularity. we spent the day at the street art festival, and she was constantly mobbed by people wanting to say hi and pet her.