my life, the soundtrack

. . . for today at least. . .

opening credits:                such great heights, postal service
waking up:                        take it all away, cake
average day:                        buildings and bridges, ani difranco
first date:                                my favorite things, brian setzer orchestra
falling in love:                        anyday, ani difranco
love scene:                        3 libras, a perfect circle
fight scene:                        crawling, linkin park/ without me, eminem
break up scene:                don’t stay, link park
back together:                        let go, frou frou
secret love:                        baker baker, tori amos
life’s okay:                        train to skaville, the ethiopians
mental breakdown:                roads, portishead
driving:                                seed 2.0, the roots
learning a lesson:                cannonball, damien rice
deep thought:                        everybody, raul midon
flashback:                                big pimpin’ (papercut), jay-z and linkin park
partying:                                take me out, franz ferdinand
happy dance:                        feel good inc., gorillaz
regretting:                                what if, coldplay
a long night alone:                recoil, ani difranco
death scene:                        don’t panic, coldplay
closing credits:                        it can’t come quickly enough, scissor sisters

ooooh, and now a playlist on my ipod!