snow & dante

snow & dante, originally uploaded by ekissam.

we got more snow before we left for washington. what you can't exactly see here is that the deck is a 4 to 6 inch step down as well. it's quite a bit of snow. . and dante thought it was rather interesting too.

kissam coffee

kissam coffee, originally uploaded by ekissam.

our first stop on our getaway. they found me on facebook, and i marked them as an interesting stop to make if i ever traveled through part of pennsylvania again. they had the crest hanging on the wall, and a copy of the family genealogy book on the shelf. can't say if the coffee was good, i don't drink coffee, but they had great tea, and great soup.


washington.6, originally uploaded by ekissam.

this is a good tactic i've learned from a couple of people. you can take a high res picture of something you need to remember, like a map or a calendar, and zoom in on it for information whenever you need. helped a lot this trip.


washington.4, originally uploaded by ekissam.

this was my mom's main stop, the new native american museum. it's a lovely new museum. really well set up. this is the domed ceiling.


washington.11, originally uploaded by ekissam.

i remember watching a news profile of this piece being commissioned by the national gallery of art in washington. i wasn't sure if it would still be here, but it seems like i got lucky on a number of things this trip. timing is everything.


washington.9, originally uploaded by ekissam.

dan, my brother, turned me onto andy goldsworthy. he had a great book of his work, then i watched 'rivers and tides', which is a really great documentary about his work. i'm fascinated with his shapes, materials, and how many of his works are based on time passing.


washington.10, originally uploaded by ekissam.

another view


washington.13, originally uploaded by ekissam.

in the same museum i searched for to find andy goldsworthy, i thought, this is the kind of place that would have dan flavin. i didn't plan on walking around or seeing too much more, but i decided to take a quick run through. . . and found dan flavin.


washington.14, originally uploaded by ekissam.

ok, before you judge. . . i've been to washington twice before, and did all the normal and slightly more indepth site seeing- as pertaining to all the government workings. (though i've forgotten a lot of it, and lost a lot of the pictures. . . and i could always spend some more time at the lincoln memorial. it's just really pretty.) so please don't think less of me that i raced through tons of artwork in order to get to the bathrooms of the second floor at the national portrait gallery in the presidents wing in order to see this, and then left once i got the picture.


washington.15, originally uploaded by ekissam.

i know, i know. i went to the spy museum and all i did was take a picture of the bathroom stall. but isn't the bathroom stall fricking cool?

we didn't get through the actual museum, not enough time. but we did take the spy museum operation challenge thing. very much like TOMB! in boston with a spy theme- oh, and ps. . . if i were a spy, you'd be in good hands. . . HA!

oh, and i had a bit of fun in the gift shop. for once, a 'buy our crap' place in which i actually wanted to buy their crap!

karl & hen

karl & hen, originally uploaded by ekissam.

a couple of days in long island visiting unkles karl and frank. here is karl with one of his 'ladies'. they lay pastel colored, delicious eggs. and i don't like eggs too much. . . but maybe it was how well karl cooked them.


frank, originally uploaded by ekissam.

frank very patiently waiting for us to pull ourselves away from googling project runway's chris march, long enough to make a dinner decision.

karl & me

karl & me, originally uploaded by ekissam.

karl is trying to explain the merits of the movie, 'legend' to me. i agree that i like it, but i like it for the crap that it is :)


whoo hoo

i have a big silly grin on my face. it’s not just that i’ve gotten out of the snow covered north country for a bit, and it’s not just that the head cold has cleared, including 98% of the lingering congestion and coughing. . . i got to see MacBeth tonight. -a grin-ectomy might be in order- otherwise people might think i’m stupid. (i’m so glad the word ‘grin-ectomy’ exists. . . thank you adam savage.)

this is the MacBeth that is playing at the Shakespeare Folger Library in DC, conceived in part by Teller. (now you know why i was so interested) if you have the means and the time. . . see it. granted, it’s all sold out, but there are standing only spots available. . . and there seems to be some obstructed view seats available if you call.

i got in with an obstructed view. . . and sure, the show would’ve been amazing from the front. . . but i got to see just about everything from my seat- including how some of the tricks happen. . . ;)

hmmm. i’ve seen MacBeth performed live about 4 times. some of them had incredible performances, some had incredible production qualities, some had a combo. each time i gleaned a little more from the text, each had it’s merits. . . however, i just reread my first paragraph and realized how incredibly weird and out of sorts it is to see that my current reaction to seeing yet another MacBeth performance is a massive grin.

wouldn’t you want to see that?! a MacBeth that makes you grin?!


punch and . . .


happy pi day!