yet again i have changed the appearance of this blog. . . . mom, is this ok? of course it will still be a little longer for me to get everything back. . . need to do some editing in my template. so keep your knickers frrom getting in a bunch!

ok. . . we've now opened 4 of the 5 shows. . . and i'm pretty burnt out, really looking forward to a trip east to see my college roommate's wedding. . . though i've done little other than rsvp-ing in preparation. . . . need plane tickets, new shoes, and a wedding gift. . .. whooop-deee-doo!

i did take a few shots of the latest show in tech, but it's still really not done yet, though there's only ONE dress rehearsal left! it's been a bit of a bear. but maybe i'll post some of it later anyway.

so yeah, that's where i'm at. . in that, 'i have no idea what day it is' kinda way.


feeling bored?

try this test reich or wrong

the website that hosts it is pretty fun, as well as its sister sites.
i haven't had a chance yet to discuss the new addition into my life. . . but i guess now is a pretty good time. i'm back with mac-(ray, i figure you might be excited). in fact the last two posts were created on my new 12" powerbook. . . ahhhhhhh. the operating system is WAY different from my 1400cs, which was the last time i worked on a mac. . . .but i'm sure i'll get used to it. . . . i'm also looking forward to fewer crashes and viruses. . . . whooopdeeeedoooooo.

wow, i really thought there would be more to discuss within this subject matter. . . . guess not.

have a good one.


as some people know, opening night and day is a big deal, and here at the opera, it's REALLY big. there are usually pranks and parties all day and evening. this year, both the stage crew and the electrics crew got in trouble over some of their pranks the evening before, and were 'grounded' from participating in the prop tart queen coronation. very sad. . . but we still attended the coronation and celebrated on our own.

the prop tart coronation was a bit short without our appearances, but the country westerned themed party still went over well. . . . one of the prop carpenters created a grill in the likeness of the don giovanni cabinets. here are the prop tart queen contestants as they lined up on the saddle the pope of paints and the paint crew showed up dressed as the statues from don g. . . and the pope delivered a bible thumping sermon for the crowd. . . and the crew sang a parody, 'touched by stage crew' (to the tune of 'stand by your man') describing theirs woes of having to repaint and touch up after the scenery has been moved. sadly, i seemed to be behind them for all the shots. costumes, whom usually only send over the courtesan of costumes and two ladies in waiting, had a huge turn out this year. it involved singing, and dancing. . . well done!

on my way to get a few things from my car, i was called into the scene shop for their annual toast. ahhhh. . .nothing llike shots of whisky to take the edge off the day!

customary in the scene shop, the two apprentices had to create something to hold the shots of whisky before the toast began. i saw the two of them working on it late into the night. . . and the turn out was incredible. . . here are james and michael with their shot glass and whisky bottle toting wireman. . . complete with welding helmet!

i'll have to get some opening night shots in a little later. . . gotta run to a piano dress!
well, well, well. . . where to start. . .

hows about some pictures from don giovanni. . . i know you had a few a little while ago, but i feel that they didn't show the full scope of it, so here are some more.

here is the set during a focus call. . . and. . .

from the back of the scenery, it looks a little something like this. . .

yep, like i said before, this show is really packed. . .. now if you remember me showing you any of the goodies from earlier on. . . i now have some shots from a dress rehearsal so you can see how they play onstage.

these are the statues in play during an evening scene.

here is don g at his dinner shortly before he is visited by the ghost of the commendatore and goes to hell. . .

remember all those light in all those cabinets. . . that were supposed to create this bright hellish effect?

so yeah. . . kinda bright. anyway, thought i'd post a few, and of course there is more to come.

hope everyone is well.