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swon and i jaunted over to this park/ island on sunday. it's located in the han river. about a decade ago it was the water supply and purification site for seoul. after it was no longer used they turned it into a park but kept a lot of the industrial pieces and built around and inside them. it makes for a really interesting combination of elements.


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a pretty great waterfall/ fountain.


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no food, rollerblades or bikes allowed. . . and i guess people walk around barefoot on some of the paths. it's definitely quiet and chill.


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yay, lotuses!


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some of the remnants of the water purification building made all pretty.


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trying to get out of the hot sun and into the car, we saw this. . . water fountain?/ geyser?. . . man, it's spitting it up there, whatever it is.


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i'm not familiar with caprogod, massachusetts. . . but i guess anything is possible.


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the lights on the ground change to mimic the constellations that you should be able to see in the night sky during each season. . . but you can't actually see them because it's a city.
nice idea to give us something to look at though.


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so there's this small nifty park just off of ansan lake park. . . with light up columns at night.



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here's a semi popular walkway in ansan. though it's a little empty at the time of the shot.

all the restaurants and bars set tables outside along with big screen tv's. people can cook their food on table grills and enjoy a meal in the open air, right alongside all the other restaurants.

anywhere you can buy beer or soju there's an outdoor table to enjoy it. . . including the 7-11 and all the korean versions of similar convenience stores.


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this picture was about a half hour in the making. my co-teacher, hazel, and i noticed the two of them and readied our cameras just as we came to a subway stop and the two of them were jarred awake. more people got on the train and obscured our view for a while.

she had never seen it before and was so surprised. apparently, only girls will lean one way or another while falling asleep and that guys will sit completely straight on the train. we were both laughing about it a lot and hoping for another chance to take a picture.

after a while the trained cleared a bit and we just waited and waited for a long enough ride for the guy in brown to completely pass out and lean over to the guy in white. the longer the ride between stops, the closer he was to snoozing on the guy's shoulder. . . finally they were both down for the count. . . and our cameras shuttered away.


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my new ride about spot. the ansan lake park, i.e. "the a.l.p."


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hehe, i'll give you three guesses. which one is mine?


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i agree, boston has no shortage of things to do. . . but is this boston?. . . seattle maybe, or toronto?


answers. . .

sorry, this was rather slow in arrival.

here are the answers to my bar quiz.

- What song’s hook did John Williams play upside-down to create the theme to Star Wars?
Born Free

- Of the upright and hoop antennas on the theremin, which controls the pitch?
the upright

- When reading the key signature, what are the first 4 flats, in order?
B, E, A, D

- In 1913, on it’s opening night, the music for Igor Stravinsky’s ballet incited a riot due to it’s bold new sound. What was the title of the music?
Rite of Spring

- What legendary blue musician supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the cross roads near Dockery Plantation?
Robert Johnson

- Currently there is an organ in Germany playing a piece of music called, “As slow as possible.” It started in 2001 and will end 639 years later in 2640. What 20th century avant garde composer wrote the music?
John Cage

- Which of Mozart’s operas is largely known as a masonic opera?
Magic Flute (though the Marriage of Figaro also has some masonic symbolism)

- There is a singing road in South Korea. What city is it in?

- What nobel prize winning physicist took a year sabbatical in Brazil, learned to play the bongos, and competed in a samba competition during Carnival in Rio?
Richard Feynman

- What gravely voiced singer/ songwriter/ composer appeared as Dr. A Heller in the 1999 movie, Mystery Men?
Tom Waits

- What former Stray Cat now leads his own orchestra?
Brian Setzer

- Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, wrote and filmed a musical while attending college in Colorado. What is the name of the movie?
Cannibal! The Musical (original title, Alferd Packer: The Musical)