epcot, originally uploaded by ekissam.

dan had never been to epcot. we were little kids when we were here together last. i had been back about ten years ago with some friends from college. and then there was dan's and my trip to disneyland just this past spring. it was important to get to epcot first, since he had never seen it. it turned out to be just a little disappointing. the lines were unbelievable when we rolled in. we didn't start plowing through rides till after 10pm in the magic kingdom.
our first attempt resulted in a two and a half hour line wait to get on some space ride. there were all the signs to make sure you were in good health and what not, but i kept thinking, 'it's disney, how bad could it be?'
well, after 2.5 hours waiting, we had a three minute ride that both dan and i nearly felt faint on. the g forces were impressive.
we walked around a bit, but then headed to find less crowded territory in another park after we ate at epcot.

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