2.2014- inbetweens- veca

how many times can you say goodbye to good friends?  

not enough.  
i met with veca for a long lavish lunch in beomgye.  she had a nice bbq place she wanted to share with me- and i was up for as much bbq as i could pack in me before i left.

i have no memory of the name- i should've grabbed a business card.  i couldn't tell you where it is- other than beomgye, close to the shopping center.

it was so dreamlike.  the place was huge.  lunch wasn't their busy hour, but they were open.  there might have only been a few other people dining there besides us, but we were in a large sunlit section mostly alone.  employees dusted and cleaned windows around us, it was old but really well kept.  

and the food- glorious.  every bbq place specializes in something, and this place specialized in their white kimchi (maybe called winter kimchi- damn i'm forgetting everything!)
a good assortment of fresh veggies to wrap the meat, potatoes baking over the coals. . . 

i was so full.  we made sure not to rush, chatting for a long time while eating.

i'm so thankful for our friendship.  from our first 5 year old class where we'd team teach and chat and gossip while the kids worked- just getting to know each other.  i would've never guess that she read horror.  once she explained that she was reading, 'let the right one in,' i knew we could connect on a lot of levels.  i had a third year of 5 year olds before we worked together again with two first year 6 year old classes.  the polarity of those students cemented us as a teaching team.  we spent so much time complaining or marveling at them alternatively.  

this event was everything i wanted from a 'last' meal in korea with veca.

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