2.2014- inbetweens- my actual last brighton dinner

while staying with swon i made a final trip out to ansan.  visiting ansan as an outsider was surreal.  while the train ride wasn't complex, it was long.  two and a half hours each way.  

i met first with veca and sunni for a lunch and coffee at cafe de chocolate.  weird to sit across from brighton knowing there were classes while we sipped warm sweet drinks.  

can't remember for sure, but i might have held back the tears till later.  

there might have been something in between. . . maybe  shopped more, or just walked around.  i definitely noticed that a fry pan was opening shortly before i left.  right down the street from my apartment and work.  figures.

i met the brighton group for bbq dinner and a coffee after.  i even forced people together who hadn't wanted to spend time together- just for me.

leaving was hard.  the teachers walked me to the cross walk in front of the train station.  they asked me earlier to spend two days, so we could stay up late. . . but it wasn't possible, and i'd be getting home so late as it was.  they were amazed to hear how long my train ride was.  
i cried.  a lot.  then i waited for my train.

bye handaeup.


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