Veca's visit.6.9.2014.6

there are 11 newport mansions that you can visit.  in my mind, i thought they would all be a little closer to one another and that walking along the water to see them would be nice.  however, it was a little more of a drive, but scenic at that.  

this is the breakers.  it was the grandest of the vanderbilt 'cottages' in newport.  after having such a good time at the hammond castle, neither veca nor i really enjoyed our time at the breakers.  there were amazing things; marble that had been sliced in half to give a symmetrical appearance to walls, spanish made dyed leather wall covering, etc.  i'm not sure if it seemed too ostentatious, or that it just seemed to lack charm.  impressive, sure. . . but i found myself wondering, why work so hard to keep so many of these houses?  we were both bummed that they didn't allow photos inside, which is why this exterior shot is all i have. -perhaps it was just too many big houses all at a time.

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