Melbourne.3.7.2014- 1

it started sometime in the fall if i remember correctly.  i was having a conversation with camille in new zealand.  i was talking through my options of places to visit as my plan before i left korea, after my contract finished.  for a long time i had thought about a nice, relaxing visit to thailand, but i wasn't finding anyone interested in joining and having friends about it a big part of traveling for me.  she casually mentioned that her and kirsty were planning a vacation to Melbourne.  i got excited because i wanted to pass along lauren's contact info so they could finally meet up.  two brighton friends of mine who had never met each other, how fun.  i imagined them laughing over their brighton exploits, wine glasses in hand.  
then i asked when she was going.  early march.  i was going to be off contract in early march.  could i visit Melbourne as well and have a great hurrah with my kiwi and australian friends?  didn't take long to convince me.  i would arrive a few days after cam and kirsty started their vacation, and leave a few days after them, giving me both time with them and with lauren.  
so, my first day in Melbourne.  within a couple hours of arriving and settling in i was able to get online, meet up with camille and kirsty, get breakfast, get a meat pie to go, set up an australian mobile, and take out some more australian money, and spend it in a shop.  everything moved so quickly and smoothly.  when i commented on it cam reminded me that being able to speak the language really makes a difference. 

after seeing the bill for a simple but wonderful breakfast and catching a little sticker shock, they also had to remind me that in new zealand and in australia waitstaff don't receive tips but make a living wage.  

after some more walking about we headed to Federation Square.

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