kissams in london- day 5- 1

this day was a bit in the making.  when we started discussing london as a real option for the holidays dad and i started looking into day trips to stonehenge.  as weeks passed in september i checked for prices and schedules for tour buses and started to notice that each time i checked fewer and fewer were available.  (kinda forgot how popular the winter solstice would be.)  then dad started looking into it.  he started directly emailing some of the travel companies and got into a lengthy back and forth of other options.  (anything other than a packed tour bus starts to get pricey, but dad seemed to be on a mission.)  

we ended up with a private tour (could've had eight people, but only had us) that included a sunrise in the inner circle.  since the tour company offered a whole day package with a guide, we had a choice of several other places to see.  our tour guide (from now on known as 'st. nick' for reasons that i will explain later) from 'the stonehenge travel company' picked us up from our hotel early in the morning.  he helped us plan out other places to go after talking about the kinds of things we wanted to see.  

here we wait outside the new tourist center (would've liked to walk around inside, but we left before it opened for the day) while 'st. nick' checks on transport to the henge.

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