kissams in london- day 4- 5

mom had a long conversation with one of the cooks about how they used a particular spice.  (during henry VIII's reign, meticulous notes were kept, so they know how many sheep or carrots were eaten in a year.  also recipes were kept and available in the kitchen gift shop.) it took me a while to realize they were actually cooking food- the first few rooms had fake food.  i was hopeful that we would be able to try the old recipes at the cafe.  the cook told me i wouldn't want to eat his food since he isn't a licensed chef.  i attempted to argue and asked what was done with the food.  everything they prepare is eaten by the people who work at hampton court.  he explained that i could watch their methods online and follow the recipes to try for myself.  too bad.  (interesting though how he was allowed to be fluid between keeping true to the period as well as give me directions about searching online.)  

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