wallet, phone, keys

i say this before i leave for work every day. i figure, no matter what else i might forget, no matter what else might happen. . . if i have these three things, i have the ticket to getting almost everything else i need.

-keys can get me into my car (though not really anymore) so i can get somewhere else
-keys can get me back into my place to get what i maybe forgot
-wallet can get me a place to stay if i can’t get back to my place for some reason
-wallet can get me food if i forget to bring my lunch
-phone can get me in touch with help, whether professional or just friendly
-phone can get me information, ie, where can i stay if i can’t get home, and is there a good movie playing somewhere where i can waste some time

you get the idea.

i’ve said my little ‘leaving for work’ reminder mantra everyday. . . even when my wallet was empty. . . even when i didn’t need the keys. . . even when my phone didn’t have any signal.

this morning, as i left for work, i said my little reminder mantra. . . and it was the first time in a long time that i had all three objects, and all three could perform as i have become accustomed.

which means, yes. . . i finally have a phone. there was a lot of waiting, and a lot of finagling. there may still be some more, but it is already functioning. i’ve made and received calls. it’s a nice looking machine. . . not the iphone that i had hoped for. . . south korea isn’t open to the iphone. but this one has some pretty nice features. . .

i’ve missed my electronic leash, and i’m glad to have it back. i doubt i’ll be making tons of calls, but it’s nice to have the option. . . and now swon doesn’t have to worry so much if i get lost on the subway, or if i’m delayed in traffic. . . i’m just a few clicks away.

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Dan said...

I do a mini self-pat-down of my packets to make sure they all have the things I should have in them. Keys, wallet, swiss army knife, pen, usb drive. The one I still sometimes forget to check is my phone (like I did this morning) because sometimes it's too bulky for a pocket in my pants/shorts. Different clothes require different handling of my phone so I can't put the phone check into my rather stable pattern of before-I-leave pocket awareness.