my bar trivia quiz

as mentioned, i had to come up with some questions for a trivia night. just in case you are seriously bored and looking to exercise some brain cells. . . here are the questions i asked. (answers to come later, heh heh.)

- What song’s hook did John Williams play upside-down to create the theme to Star Wars?

- Of the upright and hoop antennas on the theremin, which controls the pitch?

- When reading the key signature, what are the first 4 flats, in order?

- In 1913, on it’s opening night, the music for Igor Stravinsky’s ballet incited a riot due to it’s bold new sound. What was the title of the music?

- What legendary blue musician supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the cross roads near Dockery Plantation?

- Currently there is an organ in Germany playing a piece of music called, “As slow as possible.” It started in 2001 and will end 639 years later in 2640. What 20th century avant garde composer wrote the music?

- Which of Mozart’s operas is largely known as a masonic opera?

- There is a singing road in South Korea. What city is it in?

- What nobel prize winning physicist took a year sabbatical in Brazil, learned to play the bongos, and competed in a samba competition during Carnival in Rio?

- What gravely voiced singer/ songwriter/ composer appeared as Dr. A Heller in the 1999 movie, Mystery Men?

- What former Stray Cat now leads his own orchestra?

- Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, wrote and filmed a musical while attending college in Colorado. What is the name of the movie?

have fun.

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