what is going on?!

so there i was, hiding behind part of a building. i had just walked past my former highschool crush and ducked behind part of the building to watch him walk away, but instead caught him monologuing his hidden love to me out loud under a bright blue full moon. he went on and on about how someday he will have me back in his life when something spooked both of us. yep, it was steve guttenberg (yes, from police academy fame) and his wife. it must have been halloween because they were dressed as the dorkiest couple alive. matching running shorts and matching cd players swinging from their hips. their two kids were close at hand. we exchanged quick hellos (as you do when steve gettenberg pops out of nowhere) and they talked a bit about their running regime. then steve said i had to hear what he was listening to. he put his headphones on my ears and i heard one of the great songs from the katamari damacy game. i started to hum along when it skipped back to the beginning and started to replay, and then did it again about every 30 seconds. i tried to let steve know that there was something wrong with his disc or his player,

me: it’s only playing the first thirty seconds of the song.

steve: yeah, that’s the way i have it.

me: you know the rest of the song is pretty great, in fact the whole album is fantastic.

steve: oh yeah.

me: i can get it for you, i have it.

steve: no thanks, this is how i like it. (big grin, nodding head)

my brain: are you insane? think of the children!

me: it’s simple. let me show you.

then i pulled out my laptop which was somehow conveniently on me, and played some of the songs and giggled over the lyrics. it was a losing a battle. how could he be content to only listen to the first thirty seconds of a song, over and over?!


my phone alarm was trying to alert me to wake up. we’re staying in a hotel and have a very early flight to tampa to visit my aunt for the holiday. the first of my two phone alarms plays the first 30 seconds of one of the wonderful katamari damacy songs. i, apparently, was ignoring it, in a fashion.

happy holidays everyone. safe travels and all that!

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Daisy said...

Awesome, freaking hilarious dream! I had a WACKY one myself the other night where I was overnighting with my ex and our kids were little. The next day I asked him if we'd slept together, saying "I know we didn't SLEEP together but I was wondering if we shared a bed" and he said no, I'd slept on the floor with the kids. And I said, "Oh, okay. I just wondered because I wanted to know what to tell Harry." And we were laughing and having a good old time. Then the kids and I were going to a party but he said "don't go - it's a wake for me. They think I'm dead"

ok - sorry to hijack your comments. just re-found your blog from months and moons ago