i quit. . .

. . . my job.

i left the calarts position. i’m kinda sick over it, but for the time being i have to think the decision was for the best.

i mulled over it for weeks. then the summer got bad. . . and i thought of how i would leave here, and within three days be doing the calarts job without a break in between. i would be horrible. tired, bitter, burnt out. . . filled with self doubt stirred up by events here.

not exactly a fair way to start a school year for a handful of new and returning students.

i feel bad for the students i got to know and like, and the staff that i got to know and like, but they deserve someone who will be strong and positive, and i don’t think i will have that in another month and a half.

currently i don’t have much time to be upset over the decision. . . maybe sometime in mid august i’ll get all weepy about it.

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