week one. . . GO!

well, i left california and headed back to santa fe for another fun filled summer at the opera. i did get to see a bit of a calarts graduation, but i missed an art exhibit that sounded really cool. . . and a number of other things i thought would be fun to do while still in the LA area. but that whole packing and cleaning thing took over more time than expected. . . . as usual. one good thing. . . i got a trip into the chiropractor literally right before pulling out of town. - sure probably not the best idea. . . but it felt good.

the drive through the mojave was rough. . . too bright, too hot. . . and one moment of panic where i thought i wouldn’t make it to the next gas station. guess i should be thankful for that one pit of a stop area where they charge over $4 a gallon. . . . i guess i really am. definitely beats waiting for a gallon of gas escorted by AAA out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the day.

it’s been a kind of awkward start. not terribly so, but just not having at the opera from the very first set of electricians is weird. i was worried that i’d missed a lot of the bonding activities that we do in the first couple of weeks. but in my first week we fit in a trip to the ‘black hole,’ a bbq, and an isotopes baseball game.- oh yeah, and we worked. there are a number of new faces around, and katy’s been trying to fill me in on all the gossip that i missed in the past six months. i lasted a whole two days before my allergies surfaced. . . and when they did, they brought their power tools. the area had a lot more snow and rain, so there’s a lot more green and a lot more blooming. yipee. . .*a-choo!*

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