errr. . . that's what i get

it’s a little after 1am. i had a really hard week, and to compensate i stayed in bed nearly all day saturday, and well. . . did very little today. so now, i’m wide awake, mind reeling. this week could turn out to be very interesting after the past week. i’d like to go into it, but i just don’t have the patience to write it all down now.

i’m going over possible conversations that might be had this week, conversations, arguments, throw-downs, you know, whatever. hey, if you’ve got nothing better to do, might as well work yourself into a tissy over things that may never occur, right? no time like the present to get upset about the hypothetical?. . . hmm, did i already use up that tranquilizer prescription? damn!

one of the more amusing and less job pending conversations goes a little something like this, . . . “hit it.”

(did i really just invoke tone lōc? *sigh* yeah, i did.)

but i digress. . .

eh hem. . . conversation.

-person approaches me to half-assedly apologize for something not going as planned.
-i brush off the apology and tell them that ‘as a co-dependant it’s in my nature to be accustomed to false hopes on a daily basis.’
-as said person attempts to insert a bit of empathy i then sarcastically interject that, ‘don’t worry, i’m only half kidding.’
-and then i follow up with a one- two- punch of, ‘and you know, there’s always of hint of truth in sarcasm.’. . . (with sarcasm.)

now, here’s my question. if i say that ‘there’s always a hint of truth in sarcasm,’ with sarcasm. . . does that mean that there’s only a quarter of a hint of truth in the subject matter at hand by saying that ‘there’s always of hint of truth in sarcasm,’ with sarcasm?

are you still there?

is there an algebraic equation that fits in here. i jumped from a full hint to a quarter hint because somehow i felt it would involve a square root or something. . . . half a hint didn’t seem exponential enough.

whatever the math, i think i can definitely conclude that the reader, upon finishing this passage, immediately feels better that their brain activity doesn’t bother them with this sort of triviality at 1:30am.

errr. . . brain. . . shut up!


Michael said...

Truth = (Hint /Sarcasm - Eye-diversion / x) + 2 cents
(x being the exact quotient of Truth's strangeness over fiction....or Truth/Strangeness > Fiction)

Anonymous said...

"feels better that their brain activity doesn’t bother them with this sort of triviality at 1:30am"

Heavens, yes! You have my complete sympathy! It was hard (and painful) enough to digest at 1:30PM!!!