Veca's visit.6.6.2014.2

on a train, on our way out to my aunt and uncle's where i stashed my car.  can't believe veca was there!  aside from driving and chatting and getting to our first destination, we had a special meal composed of foods from different areas of eastern europe (not all of them were veca's new favorite).  there were so many questions she had about the reality of the US versus her previous perception of it. . . i tried to fill in some blanks without running through an entire high school history class.  

she became more impressed with how me and my expat friends survived in korea.  she visited the US for about two weeks and was kind of homesick and missing korean flavors in that short time- it even surprised her.  i did love that i could repay her a bit, for all the times she escorted me to doctors or vets, or wrote me notes in korean to take to stores.  after spending over a week with one of her friends here (who was too nervous to try out her english), it was a nice break for her to have me around to read signs, order food, and make plans.  

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