thanks mr. nye

one of our students moved to canada. she’s a bright 7 year old. she came up through our kindy program and she’s been in the ‘honors’ level elementary classes since she left our kindy program. she has a fantastic grasp of the english that we cover in class. overall, she has a pretty good grasp on english, but of course she will struggle. living in english isn’t the same as taking english classes. . . and it’s such a huge move culturally as well. we wished her all the best of luck. we joked with her that it might be difficult to attend all classes in english, but the overall school schedule would be lighter. no after school school.

her parents called the school the other morning. they wanted to let us know that she was doing very well. most of the teachers and kids frustrated her by treating her as if she might not understand anything for the first few days. then they were rather shocked to hear about all the music lessons, math courses, science courses, and english courses that she had already taken. it sounded like they marveled at her abilities.

she particularly excelled in science. she seemed to already know a lot about the subject matters that they were studying. her parents wanted emphasize their thanks to one of my co-workers, who went out of his way to bring in extra materials, expressly science videos that seemed to enhance her fluency.

yep, that would be the class that i introduced to bill nye the science guy. . .

her parents might not have remembered that it was me, and not my co-worker, who hunted down those videos. . . but apparently bill nye made a lasting impression.

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