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this picture was about a half hour in the making. my co-teacher, hazel, and i noticed the two of them and readied our cameras just as we came to a subway stop and the two of them were jarred awake. more people got on the train and obscured our view for a while.

she had never seen it before and was so surprised. apparently, only girls will lean one way or another while falling asleep and that guys will sit completely straight on the train. we were both laughing about it a lot and hoping for another chance to take a picture.

after a while the trained cleared a bit and we just waited and waited for a long enough ride for the guy in brown to completely pass out and lean over to the guy in white. the longer the ride between stops, the closer he was to snoozing on the guy's shoulder. . . finally they were both down for the count. . . and our cameras shuttered away.

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