silly looking

my headphones broke. or an area close to the headphone jack broke. i am without a radio shack and my butane soldering iron. . . so instead of a fix, i opted to buy new headphones.

i got a simple pair that didn’t cost too much. they work fine and they are unobtrusive. i can hear the music, and i can toss them into my bag easily. . .

the problem is i like music. . . .

no. . . i love music.

right after buying the cheapy pair, i came to the conclusion that headphones are much like shoes. it’s worth it (for me) to sink a little more money into a nice pair.

that, and i was inspired a little by my dad’s new bose system, even though i haven’t heard it yet. with the amount of time i listen to music and podcasts. . . i should have a good pair that makes my music more worthwhile.

i did some quick research into a few different styles and brands, but i figured i’d make the decision in the store.

there’s a pretty swank sound system store close to the school i work at. they had some pretty expensive and slick looking headphones. i figured i’m still looking at the middle of the line, but pricey for me.

in ear, over the ear. . . buds? choices, choices. . .

i’ve done enough experimenting with some styles that i know some of the options to look out for. i didn’t get the technical sound blocking ones or anything like that. i did get a pair that are a little larger than i’m used to. they are ‘muff-like’ as opposed to hidden. . . . oh, and they are pink.

i would’ve chosen black if they came in black. . . but it was white or pink.

i once heard someone say that you can tell you are in love when you are willing to look like an idiot, publicly, for another person. i feel this is pretty accurate. . . and well, i love my music, so why not look a little silly.

besides, they sound amazing!

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