still sick. . . errr

yep, i’m sick. . . or maybe allergies are kicking in? but my students keep sneezing and coughing on me, so i’m betting it’s sick. . . .


other than last last week was busy. we celebrated st. patrick’s day at school with some crafty projects. all the kids wore a lot of green and the mood was pretty festive. that was tuesday, and thursday was birthday party day. so all the kids who have march birthdays got announced and recognized. our mercury birthday student (the younger kids) was dressed in a tux with tails. . . so cute. but he was too scared to get up in front of the crowd.

the two festive days definitely made a nice break within the week.

made a skype call back home so grandpa and the aunts and uncles could see the technology working. the morning internet was a little dodgy though. . . so the picture was nearly as clear as usual. kind of a bummer, but i guess they were impressed anyway.

thursday, even though i had a sore throat, i went out to trivia night. i ended up teaming up with a couple of real smarties. . . and we won. (i think i maybe supplied 5 answers that they didn’t already have. kinda felt like i would’ve been more productive with a pair of pom-poms.) so this week we supply the questions. yee haw! think i’m gonna make my set music related. there have been too many sports questions for my liking. i can’t tell if my questions are ridiculously obvious, or ridiculously hard. guess i’ll know better on thursday.

saturday i planned to go to this ‘welcoming party’ that my recruiter was throwing in itaewon. swon agreed to go with me. i slept in really late and thought i was feeling a little better. i met up with swon and we met a friend of her for a dinner. her friend is getting ready to interview for theatre grad schools in the US. swon and i tried to coach her in some of the questions she should ask and be ready to answer.

then swon and i got caught in the rain.

we were pretty late to the party as well, but i don’t think it mattered much. the main guy from the office actually remembered my first and last name, i was impressed. the bar was way too loud though. i didn’t feel much like yelling to get to know anyone. so swon and i left to have some dessert.

we got up late on sunday. we had all these grand ideas; hiking, visiting galleries, shopping. . . but we both felt cruddy. i really hope swon doesn’t catch my ick. i hope it might be just from the rain. we ate and napped. i caught a train home while swon met up with her family for her mom’s birthday party. i certainly didn’t want to bring my sick butt into a family party.

well, this week should be interesting as well. we are going on a field trip. i keep offering to buy some cotton rope to make one of those class wrist leashes for our students. i can’t keep them from running off while we walk the 50 feet between the classroom and the playroom. i’m kinda worried about losing them outside of school. the head teacher says there’s no way we’ll lose them. i’d still like to carry some rope with me.

well, again there are some pics up, so enjoy.

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