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i had to send some very official documents a very long ways away this week. i drove about 45 minutes to the closest international shipment establishment. well, i did that after i went the the first place that i thought would work, turns out they no longer ship internationally- something about the economy going under and them closing down their stores or something.

i got on my phone and started making calls. when i located a place i asked for directions and was told that i would know i was in the right place when i saw the store for pool supplies. i figured the pool supplies store was close by and had a very eye catching sign.

no. . . not so much.

the international shipper was located in a store that was also a pool equipment supply store and . . . and you say? yes. . . AND. . . . a christian book store.

it took close to a half hour to get my package prepped. a half hour, two calls to the shipment headquarters. . . and one computer crash.

the gentleman that first helped me didn’t exactly insight confidence within me. i tried not to sneer at the rush limbaugh show playing in the background. he had to leave halfway through the process, i was ok with that. the woman that finished everything was very meticulous and seemed intent on making it all work.

time will tell i suppose.

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